Growing suggestions

Ok this is my first legit grow that is going right. Can’t remember pic order but here’s a description of what you are looking at.
The little seedling is about 2 weeks old. The little girl with a bunch of small leaves, she’s about 10 weeks old. The bigger one in that same planter, she’s about 8 weeks old and has 4 tops. The wide well veged girl is 8 weeks with 3 tops, and the tall one next to her is also 8 weeks with 2 top.

These plants are all feminized from greenpoint. They have been feed well water and a 12-2-8 vegging nutrient regimen once a week for 4 weeks. Then I’ll flush before switching to flower.
They are under a single led, rated at 2000w but I think it’s only putting out around 800 effective watts. They were born under 24 hours in fox farm ocean and rockwool, 2 soil, 3 rockwool then ff. They are now under 16/8 light.

From the pictures and the description can anyone give me any suggestions leading up to switch to 12/12 in about 3 weeks?