Growing Strawberry Cough with Unknown

I use dwc with hydroton and I like to keep the water just passed the edge of the basket and once my roots drop I maintain a space between the bottom of the basket and the top of the water as a dead space because I learned the hard way about keeping the plants completely submerged up to the stalk . That’s when I learned that just because it lives in water don’t mean it won’t drowned. It will. It’ll drown it bigger then shit.


I would like to get my feet a lil wet, an go for dwc, I’m just a soil guy, I can say what ever u are doin man, is working lol ur girls looking like a jungle


Love. Thats what I do. I love my plants. I don’t mean like in a wierd way. Just in the way that anyone doing what their heart desires would love something. What life isn’t dedicated to family or work is reserved for going down in my room making sure my girls are receiving the best attention I can give them . So I suggest to you and anyone else that if you want to reap the best you can then don’t forget to sprinkle a little true love into it and it will always turn out good. No matter how you grow soil or hydro. And it always helps to have a rockin kick ass forum like I❤ has to help a brother out. GM


@Borntogrow. That is why I give my plants names. Make the grow more personal. Although my “Gary” has been a butt at times I still love him.


Oh hey nice I never have got that personal

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Happy cannaversery @Borntogrow hope it’s a lit off ur a$$ day my friend

Weekly update on the strawberry cough, no water, nothing but makeshift some an light,


This week nothing but light :point_up: to late to edit


Looking good brother…:sunglasses::v:


Thank ya much brother,

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Weekly comin a day early for strawberry cough i got a good load couple states up lol won’t be here this weekend, as I can see I let her get a bit thirsty, but all n all doin purty good this week


She is looking good brother.

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Thank ya much brother for stopping by, she should start exploding here in the next week or so,

I’ve got her final home ready an waiting

Sorry just getting back over here @Deepsix


Do you smoke it with that much leaf on it?? Isn’t it smoother without as many sugar leaves???

She’s looking happy.


Thank you much @shindig153 for stopping by, she getting ready to take off I think

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