Growing Sour D in my Areogarden

This is my first grow. I have 2 sour Diesel girls that are about 2 weeks from harvest. I have 2 plants in only 1 gallon resavoir,and didn’t separate them unroll week 2 of flower. I had to cut of 70% off roots from both plants because they INTERTWINED and became 1. Actually It was only 1 official sour D seed the other was bag seed out of a loud pack. But I think the sour D which was the dominant one shared some of its good genes with the other plant. I mean the first time I ever did a cutting for a clone (and in preflower too)she rooted in 8 days and even started growing tricombes within 2 weeks. Even though I pay attention to ph and all doesn’t mean I don’t slack off,but I believe I takes way more than light and nutes to grow a plant. You gotta give it energy. They feed of your energy. Next time you take a cutting or prune play some mozart and watch how they pay you back by responding in less than 24hrs by looking diffrent. More perky more happy.

that’s the clone.same clone of sour D just tied down.that’s the bag seed one but I think when they shared the same belly of the areogarden that the dominant one took over it in order for the plants to survivethis is the sour D


Can you please put a full pic up so I can see how big they get in flower in one of those

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I grew these girls in a cardboard box under 20 watts of led

believe it or not all the way up until there 2nd week of flower and then they went to a 4x2 under a bloombeastA520

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