Growing Small Plants

I want to grow 18 to 24 inch (45 to 60 cm) plants. I currently have four photo clones in starter pots that are now about 9 inches (23 cm) tall.

I need to pot them up. What size pot? 3/4 or 1 gallon (3 or 4 liter)? Can I get by with 3 liter or would I have better luck with 4 liter?

I think photos are be better because I can control the size by choosing when to flip. How tall should they be when I flip? Currently the stems are small. They don’t look like they could handle a good sized bud.

Any particular strains recommended for creating dwarf plants?

The goal is to get high THC buds in a small space and keep them coming by using a continuous cloning procedure. I have two growing spots and can set each to a different light interval. One 18 hours and the other 12? hrs. With the small pots I can easily carry them outside during the day to get some sunshine.

Any thoughts?


You may benefit from doing a search on “Low Stress Training” or “LST”. Very effective at controlling plant height.


I would go with a 2 gallon if it was me. They will double in height during flower so you are going to have to flip them to flower at 30 days to stay in that range.
I agree w/ @merlin44 about lst.
You can make more bud sites at keep them lower.


Great advice here. Low stress training will help a lot. Try bigger pots, look for short and wide pots if you can.

If you use fabric pots, you can buy 5 galllon pot but only fill it half way, then roll it down. Now you have a short, wide, 2.5 gallon pot.

I don’t know if they’re still around, but I remember from a few years ago a product called a Tip Pot. Didn’t seem great in general, but it might be perfect for your height limitation. You could probably DIY a similar set up and save some cash.

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ilgm lowryder, amnesia, most seed companies mention them fast and small. not potent enough for me but pretty good. training and limiting stretch will do it

5 gallon is much too big for what I want to do. Carrying several large pots in and out is a lot of work. I prefer one trip in and out each day carrying a tray. I have had better luck with sunlight than I have had with grow lights.

I am not looking for a lot of production. I have more than I need from my outdoor grow. I would consider it a success if I could get an ounce.


How many plants and what size of grow space do you have Grow Bro? You can run photo periods 12/12 from seed but you’ll still need to control the height with topping and LST. These 6 were flipped at 2 weeks of veg and grown in 1 gallon pots :love_you_gesture:


I currently have four clones in a grow space of about 2 ft x 4 ft. I have a second spot for flowering about 2 ft x 2 ft. Both set aside spaces in my living areas.

I won’t know how many I will end up with until I get a feel for how long it takes to get a clone or other from start to finish when growing small plants. In the end I want to harvest one plant once a month or so. That may change depending on how this experiment goes.

The clones are already looking like they need to be potted up. I will start with moving one into a 3/4+/- gallon pot. I will top it to start a new clone because it is already about 12 inches tall.

The smaller pot should help dwarf the plant. I will try a couple of different sized small pots to see how they affect the results.

@OGIncognito Thanks for the suggestion. After doing a little research it seems 12-12 photos start to finish is what I am looking for. It is recommended for small plants and in a shorter time. One reference recommended Indica dominant plants.

Doing it this way will require more seeds. This is where buy 10 seeds get 10 free will be useful. I saw a recommendation for Big Bud. ILGM has a 10 for 10 Grandaddy Purple 100% Indica with THC up to 23%. That one might be worth a try.

My two pot sizes I am going to try are actually smaller than I mentioned before. My smaller one is 5.3 d top 3.7 d bottom and 6.15 tall all inches which I calculate to be 0.3 gal. My larger small pot is 6.1 d top 4.3 d bottom x 7.2 tall which I calculate to be 0.458 gal. One gallon nursery pots are about 0.66 gal. So my larger sized small pot is slightly smaller than a one gallon nursery pot, a little taller and not as wide.

I just now potted up the four clones. Two in the 0.3 gal pots and two in the 0.458 gal pots. Still using 18-6 light schedule.

I prefer growing from seed. Using just one light schedule has its benefits. I will try both methods (clones and seed) to see what works best for me. Also I will have to try a bunch of different strains. I like having different strains so that’s a plus for growing from seed.

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GDP is a great choice, keep me updated Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

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Durban Poison Photo is another good one for dense as crap buds with high yield qith proper training and lighting.

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Just placed the order for 20 GDP seeds. It was on my wish list. I have several others already in stock to try including Wedding Cake, Durban Poison and Critical Mass.

Big Bud is one of Granddaddy Purple parents.


I just got done with GDPs…


If you have space available later down the road you can take some cuttings and let them root and do an early flip. I’ve had several 1 gallon clone runs that didn’t get over 24” tall.

8 White Widow clones in 1 gallon fab bags