Growing slowly, primitive setting

A question from a fellow grower:

First time grower. This is my primitive setting ( don’t ask where I growing this).
The light is cfl. It’s growing very slowly? The second container contains a seed and waiting to pop it’s head. Still not sure about watering. Both containers are moist. Is this good for the seed? ( i did soaked for 24 hrs and seeing little white end, i put in the soil. My soil is premium soil with osmocote.

It is hard to tell much from your picture. I would say that if one popped and is doing well, then your methods must be OK. Don’t get too wet.

Keep in mind that seedlings, while establishing roots will appear to be doing nothing above the ground.

Be patient. You should also be aware not to burn your seedlings with too strong a fertilizer. They do not need fertilizer until they have established roots…This is when you can see 4-5 alternating nodes of Fan leaves.

Juts don’t over -water and let it grow keeping your cfl’s 2 inches above the top of the plant - light to far !. They will come around !