Growing sativa can you top?


Do you grow sativa plants the same? The pic I have seen is of plants that are spindly and 1big cola on top. Can you top it to make it get bushy?


TLK … hoping you get an answer soon, as I’ll be planting a couple of sativas soon along with my WW and wonder if I should top the SSH as well.


Yes, you can “top” any cannabis plant. How well it responds to topping usually has more to do with the specific strain, more than if it is sativa or indica.


MacGyver … is it okay to top Super Silver Haze when grown outside in a pot? Last year I topped my White Widows only once and the did pretty good. The yield from 3 little WW’s last year lasted two people six months. My problem is I mixed up the two kinds of seeds last week when they arrived … so I won’t know which is which until they get big and I can try to identify them.


I don’t grow outside, but I’ve had no problems with my SSH being topped.