Growing Regular and Autoflowering at the same time

I recently got the Spicy Mixpack which contains autoflowering Lowryder seeds.

Can I grow the autoflowers with the normal seeds and they stay on the 18/6 light cycle with the non autoflowering or when the Lowryder begins to flower do I move it to another area where it can go on a 12/12 cycle?

O u can keep them on an 18 6 until u harvest they don’t need no light change

Well, you need to make a plan that takes into account how much room you have. You can grow them side by side and keep them on the 18/6 schedule and let the ‘regular short day photo-period flowering plants’ continue to veg, and then remove the lowryder when they are done, and then the regular plant or plants will fill in the newly found extra space in its first couple of weeks after the 12/12 cycle is initiated, during the “flowering stretch”.


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