Growing questions unanswered

Questions from a fellow grower:

I have read most of your articles & a book by a Colorado commercial grower and I have not found the answers to the following questions. No doubt you have answered these questions many times and if they are in print please state a go to reference.

  1. For White Widow you state the yield as 450 - 500 gms / sq. meter. How many plants were involved to obtain that yield ?

  2. What is the approx. plant spacing for vegging & flowering ? Also should the leaves touch

  3. Grow Times
    A. Germination to 2 leaf seedling
    B. Seedling to end of vegging
    C. End of vegging to end of flowering

I need to grow 500gms of buds to yield 60 gms of Rick Simpson oil to treat my terminal lung disease. All standard treatments have been done & i am on my own. Since my time is limited I need the first grow to be successful . If the oil works, I will be a long time customer. If not i will be a one time customer.
I will be using 2 Advanced Platinum P-300 led lights with max. draw of 186 watts ea. Web site is
Max height from floor to bottom of lights is 5ft - 8in

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This is an average meaning if you filled 1 square meter you may get more or less depending on your skill and how you grow 1 plant can be a meter or 9 very much depends on method used for growing them. Screen of green single healthy plant Sea of green multi plants or just 2 lightly trained plants can easily yield these numbers if grown healthily expect less if new grower many things to learn if experienced you can get more of a yield but don’t blame genetics many things factor and starting with good seeds makes growing easier but not fool proof. They are not weeds they need proper care to get to their potential averages are numbers more in tuned to experienced growers looking to try new strains not neccessarily for new growers


First let me wish you the best in your struggle.

I personally recommend sea of green (sog) for the parameters you’ve defined as I believe it is a much faster way to produce the same, if not a higher yield in a shorter time than screen training.

The downside is you will need more seeds to start but after that you begin to grow from your best clones.

Regarding plant placement that’s very difficult to answer, I used 6 by 6 by 6" pots as close together as I could pack them in the tray, and I yielded from a quarter to a half an ounce per plant, but any variation between 1 plant per meter and what I’ve just mentioned is often used, it’s more a personal thing really. I grew many very short plants, I started flowering them at 8 to 10 inches and they finished at 18 to 24".

Another benefit for growing many short fast plants is less time for problems to develop, which could be important to a new grower.

Good luck and may God bless

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