Growing process?


I want to know if my plants are going well
Today I add extra 1000w light so their leaves can grow and I topping it so it won’t grow taller I hope I doing well


Looking very healthy and happy to me mate


Looks good @Nono keep up the growing!


They do look great!

If that is a 1000 watt light your plants are way too close. They need to be about 3 feet above the canopy @Nono


Thanks all of you… @bob31 I will do that ! Tomorrow Thank you


Have you done any LST to them? Ill help with height.


No I did not, I will search how to do it and thank you for the advice



Read about FIM, Toping, LST and SCROG


Thanks bob. Just saw messg. Yes @Nono can save you some space!


Thank you @bob31 and @Laurap for giving the support! And caring my process


What kind of lights are those


No problem. We’re all here to learn & help!


Those are 1000w LED


Very nice. Its looking good!