Growing plants for my son in Ontario

I am growing 2 types of seeds indoors until it gets warm enough to put out the plants when it is warm enough in May.


Depending on your geographic location in Ontario it could be May or June.

Check it out


Hello Doom

Thanks for the frost chart - spring can be really fickle here.

Planted 8 seeds yesterday and put them in a germinator on a seedling heating mat and 4 have sprouted already today - yikes that was fast. Now what do I leave those 4 in the germinator with the 4 other pots that have not sprouted yet or do I take them out and leave them on heat for a while?


Yeah those frost charts aren’t guaranteed but it’s a pretty good indicator. There could always be a freak freeze but for the most part you should be good.

So i understand correctly, you are germinating 8 seeds, 4 popped root tails and the other 4 have not? The ones they have germinated you should get into whichever grow medium you have chosen. They don’t much light but keeping humidity is good, if they will fit it wouldn’t hurt to keep them all in. Do you have some pictures?

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Pics speak 1000 words man. Does gerninator have lights? You can keep them another day if your waiting on tap roots and it’s just a tip in the other ones not much more. I would want to get them in there medium ASAP though. We could assume stuff all day like do you need the space and all have to be same stage? Like Doom said though if ya can go to your medium but if you only have one light they can wait a day and just grow linger tap roots OR put them ones that are done into wet paper towels for a day or 2 while others catch up. BUT that option you should be around a good time to stay on top, keep moist and be mindful.

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Hi Guys

What I meant was that I planted seeds with good roots into seedling medium yesterday after noon. I put them in 3 inch pots. I put them on a seedling heating mat and covered them with a dome. The germinator is under LED grow lights. When I looked at them this morning 4 of the 8 pots that I planted yesterday already had shoots.

Here are some photos.

Germinator on heating mat under LED lights

Germinator with dome off

Tangerine seedling this morning :grinning:

Now what I need to know is can I keep the seedlings in the germinator on the heat mat until the other pots sprout or do I need to take them out of the germinator and heat mat?


I think that’s fine to have them on the mat for now. You may want to add moisture domes on those seedlings if your noticing they are drying out too quickly. They are looking like they are off to a good start.

Hey Doom
Thanks for your input - yes I really am pleased with how they seem to be doing. I will keep an eye on them and make sure to take the dome off when they have all sent a shoot up. Just checked them a few minutes ago and now 6 of the 8 seeds I planted yesterday are up. Is that too soon or did I get really good seeds? Please let me know what you think?


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Thats pretty good! Sometimes it can take 3-5 days to emerge. 6 out 8 is good news indeed!
Any idea what strain they are? How did acquire them?

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Strain details 60% Indica/40% Sativa Fruity Pebbles and Tangerine auto-flowering seed 60% Sativa/40% Indica. My son got the seeds online. I am just the grower

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Wo…hold up??? Your growing the pot plants for your son??? Oh I’m following this thread, click… You are now set to WATCHING - how cool is that. I do hope your son is well and nothing serious as I’m assuming there may be a medical necessity. Regardless you finding this website has just made your success rate through the roof. I wish you and your son the best, good luck and btw… Throw the @ sign in front of any one of our names to get out attention or if you ha e a question…

Hey thank goodness he is not ill. I am just a cool Mom :grin: who has been gardening for years and I live in Canada so it is cool. He helps me in the garden so I grow things for him. Now here is my question for today - I planted 10 pots of pot and all have early tiny sprouts. They are in the propagator with heat on the bottom. My question is how long do I leave them on heat and covered? When do I take off the dome? Please let me know. @QueenCityB

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@QueenCityB The one pot that I grew last year came to me already at about 2 feet tall in June. It lived in the garden all summer and loved it there. Son collected 3 jars of buds in September. I do not know what strain or name it was and I did not grow it from seed myself. It seemed to like the sun on my north facing garden.

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If they are in your house, and it is comfortably warm for you, it is probably comfortably warm enough for the seedlings. I may be tempted to unplug the mat now so that you dont dry out the soil too fast. I usually leave my dome on until the leaves are ready to hit it, or about when they have a healthy set of true leaves, not just the first two round ones. I use a short tray dome like you. Not all the plants will be ready for that at the same time. They kinda let you know when they want to be unleashed if you watch them. There are as many ways to go about this as there are growers. That’s cool what you do for your son.

Hi Queen - Thanks I have unplugged the heating mat now and will keep an eye on them till they get their first true leaves and hit the top of the dome. So now I want to know how far away I should keep the LED grow lights. Right now they are around 5 inches from the dome. And thanks again you guys are wonderful and really helping me get going.


What kind of light is it? It’s always a safe bet to start high and come down in safe increments. Starting around 3’ or even 32" is a very safe bet

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Hi the light is Innova got it at Costco last year Red Blue spectrum around 19 watts - I used them last year for growing flower seeds and they worked just fine. I think I have them around 16 inches high now. The seedlings that started so quickly last week are not doing so great now. I have lost one to mould. But the others do not seem to be doing anything. Any ideas or am I just impatience since they were only planted on March 13 last week. @QueenCityB. I will take a photo and post it. Thanks

Yah gotta see pics. Sorry to hear that but mold so young is hard to swallow. They shouldn’t be kept to wet and plenty of ventilation and fresh air. And pot needs more light then 19w especially when we get to flower or buds will be mega airy. Oh wait your lutri f them outside right?

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