Growing outside change to flowering

A question of a fellow grower: Growing outside. Growing Aurora Indica and ak-48 this season. How do i know when to change nutrient to flowering. Days are still 14 hours long as of today 8/11/2018. Using general organics products, this season. Any suggestions for this region. Already got seeds from you recently Afganny and Bergman’s special. Check my order. Start my seeds indoors in February here in Boston. Please let me know your thoughts.

When they get into pre-flower (like this) you can change the nutes. But I would only do the 1/2 recommended nutes until they get more mature buds. Ease them into it.

If you want to force them you can cover them when the sun goes down and uncover them about 1 hr before the sun comes up to shorten the daylight they get. I live in Mass. also. :slight_smile:

When you see your first pistols you should start feeding flower nutrients

I just started my transition first time do full dose of both grow and bloom. then next do just bloom. I’m in Oregon tho