Growing outdoors with fans?

so i am trying an outdoor run this year and the one thing i herd is that its hard to preserve the tricomes perfectly like in a tent because you can control the heat and temps obviously and i was wondering if a powerful outdoor industrial fan would be beneficial at all??? or is it just a waste of time and electricity? figured it might help keep it a little cooler in constant breeze and also help with pets and stuff trying to make a home inside the plant. anyone have any input weather its a good idea or not ???

A fan can come in handy, say after it rains. No need for a huge one constantly going. But a regular osc fan can help dry them off after I climate weather if there isn’t a good breeze or anything

You could use shade cloth to help with the temperatures. Your plants will still get plenty enough sunlight and the temps will be lower, less stress on the plants.

Any time you add airflow to a grow it is a good thing. It can help mitigate heat and mold.

I use a fan outside after rain…mold sucks.

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Nice! :+1::star_struck:

thx everyone thats exacly what i wanted to hear! gettin my fan today!