Growing outdoors in this drought

I am an outside grower. Here in the ozarks, we are experiencing extreme temperatures. My plants have only been in the ground for about 2.5 weeks. I have a prepared area and have ground covere with a garden mat and the soil over the mat. I’m worried that this horific heat will kill off my plants. Should i be tenting them for shoade or just let them be?

I don’t grow outside…but from what I have read in the many forums , if you are going above 90F you should have them under a shade screen of some kind.

Do they have strong roots ? Plants can thrive in heat they need great roots and a consistent care taker


They look healthy, but i think the main stalks could be a little sturdier. I have them staked and loosely tied to the stakes to allow for growth. I tend them every day. And learned the hard way last year to chicken wire the plot (deer and rabbits). It’s only a 5’ x 5’ area. Crossing my fingers they start growing quicker and heat lets up soon. 3 Bruce banners and 2 bubble gums!!

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They could burn up if there very small with a undeveloped root system , but once established they will survive , must have more water, i grow outside in a Hot Humid Environment i agree with @Cantgetnosatisfaction

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I grow outside in Michigan. We get hot and humid too. My experience tells me to agree with the others… depends on the roots system. The bigger the better…
A consistent care taker is required too, I spend a lot of time in the garden weeding and making sure the soil is as good as it can be. I irrigate it, and air it regularly. They are strong plants and will recover and continue to grow with help sometimes a lot of times on their own too.
Keenan eye on them they will let you know what they need.
Happy growing


I live close to your area. They say after today, the extreme heat is done. Now we’ll go back to normal late July heat.


You can fill a 5 gal bucket with water. Drill a small hole to let water drip out or use something like this.

Same principle but you can adjust the outflow.

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We have been in the mid to high 90 temps here and I noticed a couple of my well established outdoor plants in 5 gal. buckets were starting to droop. I initially thought they needed more water but that didn’t seem to affect them. I moved them into a shady spot and they have since recovered nicely. At this stage of their life I thought it would be more important to get indirect sunlight rather than have them suffer from “heat exhaustion”. If you have something you could use to shade them I’d do that. Keep in mind that the afternoon sun is going to be warmer than morning sun so keep that in mind when setting up your cover for shade.


Agree. with everyone else, shade until the roots are developed, then set the throttle to full and shot for the sun.