Growing outdoors in Boston

Late start on ak-48. @week 8. Growing in mesh baskets. Outdoors in Boston. Should i just start feeding flower nutrients now, seeing frost will be here around 10/31.! Any suggestions?


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I usually wait until I start seeing flowering to add flowering nutes. Some people start adding phosphorus about this time.

Just worried about running out of time this season. Frost usually in Boston around Halloween. Been lots of rain. Im in mesh pots in a great spot. Picture was aurora indica. Moving 5 ak-48’s into mesh this weekend…if the weather permits. They started july 6th. 2’ tall now. Great roots. They are strong but a little skinny.

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You can move them inside when there’s a threat of frost. Then back outside. Thats the beauty of container plants.

Not so easy. Not at home. Don’t want to risk burnt buds. You’re local? When do you think i might see flowering? It may he good they’re not so close. I tend to over water sometimes.:sunglasses:

If you want to beat the frost you may want to force flowering sooner then later. If you have any shading throw it over them around 6-7 pm. Also along @Drinkslinger suggestion you can move them inside to a dark area then relocate back outside before sunrise. Unless u meant the plants are not at your home?

They are not at my home. They get morning shade then a good 8+ hours of direct sunshine. My 5 ak-48’s are with me on my deck. Getting big. Needing to move them soon. Freshly pruned. They should be close to pot bound. Going to mesh pots when i move them. Right now they just stay on the deck. It is direct sunshine, 7am-430pm right now. Thoughts are appreciated. Did you see the picture?:sunglasses:

Yes i see them. You need them to begin flowering asap if mid october is your fear. A tent/tarp to block sunlight and make them assume night fell is the most crude way. Im not sure how feasible it is being located somewhere else. But just try to find a way to trick them into thinking the daylight hours have shortened

Is bringing them inside enough to fool them if its not completely dark, ie: tv light. Once they are fooled, will they stay fooled or stress if the light cycle changes again? Wondering if this is even possible or rely on mother nature as i have before. Trying to maximize as much as i can, obviously.:sunglasses: More like the end of October for frost here maybe early November with this crazy weather.

Tv light is a no no. They need darkness. No use risking herming them out. And yes. It’ll definitely work. I placed my outdoor out back under a canopy of trees and behind the neighbors house. From 12 hours of pure light 14+ all accountd. To 6 hrs pure light and the rest diffused and shaded and voila. She is flowering

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It only takes 1 freak early frost to cause a lot of damage I used to live in Ohio and have seen it happen. Just saying keep that in the back of your mind


I’m in New England. My outdoor photos have been in flower for a week now. Adding flowering nutes wont force flower. Has to all do with the amount of light and darkness. A pop up green house will help with the frost factor.


Hours of light dictate the flowering cycle. Shorter hours will induce flowering.

Actually that is not true outside. There is less to do with the amount of light as the temps and light spectrum. These plants can feel the air pressure changes and the suns spectrum becomes more red as fall nears. Plants outdoors are starting to flower now and we have 15 hours of light.

Hey @dbrn32. I was listening.


Learn something new! I mean yea. Makes sense they can feel the shift just never occurd to me. :nerd_face:


Both are true statements. It’s the thinking that they won’t flower unless they have 12 hours of light that becomes an issue.


So. Just moving them to a less directly sunny spot will do it? If i take them in at night and put them out for less time in direct sun for my deck plants for now? My outside plants away to a less sunny/shaded spot? Im a bit confused. Next year will be different. Back to Promix also.

My hands are tied it seems. Can’t change location easily or every day. I will start my flower nutrients early September and hope they all produce big buds until the frost prevails here. Transplanting from 10" pots/miracle grow to fabric pots with promix for flowering. Next year, promix after good germination to the end. FF too expensive.:sunglasses: Miracle grow has its place. Too bad about slow release nutrients. Promix is great. :sunglasses:
Got my sk48s in promix. Not enough cow manure to hold moisture. Plants are still good! A bit too much hot sun. Better plan for next year. Growing in 10 gallon mesh pots. Upgrading next year. Learned a lot from you guys. Thanks😎

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5 ak 48’s, 1 Blackjack, 1 Aurora indica. All from feminized seeds.