Growing outdoor in winter in Australia

I live in Australia.
I am wondering what will happen if I grow my marijuana in fall or winter. Winter here does not get that cold, we don’t get frost but obviously days are shorter than nights.
What will happen if I grow outside, do they not grow, or grow but don’t produce buds or produce buds but later?

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I live in Victoria. I started 2 plants outdoors in the middle of winter as a little experiment and one is now about a meter tall. It was a slow start but began to take off towards the end of winter.

The other one started to flower about a month ago, which is strange, because it’s definitely not an auto. I swear our seasons have shifted a little :man_shrugging:

So yes, you can start them in winter here, but by the time they start flowering, they are going to be pretty big, unless you go with auto’s.

There’s also the possibility that they will start flowering after 6-8 weeks in good growing conditions, but the cold will slow them down so probably not likely.

Here’s what they looked like a few days ago after I trimmed a little


Hello and thanks for your reply
could you please tell me the name of marijuana plant you grew in winter.
and how was the yield? did they produce decent buds?

The seeds I used were just bag seeds from a friend’s plant that got a little stressed, so I’m not sure on the strain but they appear to be indica or hybrid.

The one that is flowering is actually growing really well. Buds are getting fatter each week and it smells amazing.

The other one is still in veg and is now around 4 foot tall and still growing. Looks like it may be starting it’s flower stretch.

Just to give you an idea of the growth rate, look at the pic below. Left side is the day I gave it a trim, right side is 4 weeks later.

Hello mate,
You said you are in Australia so I thought you might be able to help although each state can be different and I don’t know if you are a beginner like myself or you have been growing for few years.
I am in NSW. Do you think I am at risk by growing in the backyard? Do you know if police is searching for backyard growers? I see a helicopter roaming around sometimes, do they use helicopters to look at the backyards?
And if by any means police finds out about me growing in my house, how much trouble I will be in?
Any advice in this regards is greatly appreciated.