Growing one plant- nutrients?



I want to give someone a plant- but they will not be growing on a regular -so if they use a basic fluorescent light fixture on a 12/12 light schedule - what would happen if they never give any added nutrients? in Promix - ?
if it needs something, is there a very very simple inexpensive nutrient mix? just for flower- this plant is a clone from my hermie and i just don’t want to take a chance with it mixed in with my feminized seeds growing with it- but i also don’t want to get him in over his head ( this plants doing amazing and ready for flower) I use a three part plus a bunch of additives but this will likely be his only plant so I’m not getting into all that with him-


Something like a fox farm ocean forest is pretty loaded with nutrients it will get him as far as anything. But before you stick it in with his plants going into flower when you wont take the chance on your grow I would just toss it bud it ain’t gonna be worth the risk . Especially if you say they arent a grower and dont tend the plants on a regular basis then it might spoil his plants


Oh -he doesn’t have any at all … i didn’t want to throw it away- its fabulous right now :slight_smile: so i found it a good home where it won’t cause any problems if it goes hermie and he will get rewarded for caring for it as its freaking awesome haha and has a BUNCH of tops on it and super healthy.


@Oldstoner haha hmmmmm now you have me thinking… lol is there someone more uh lets say “deserving of a possible hermie???) haha naaaaaaaa just kidding haha
yes maybe he will like the process and have a nice hobby after all is said n done :slight_smile: This is a nice plant for a person who doesn’t know the germination or beginning processes… I just didn’t want to have him go buy a buch of stuff if he doesn’t … but didn’t want to just drop it off and be like :wave: " SEE YA” either lmao


That is so sweet of you! What a great holiday gift!

@Oldstoner is right, the soil that it’s in should be enough to take him through harvest. I’ve heard of quite a few people that do just that, no nutes at all, just water.


thanks - Ive been wondering about that… like how necessary are the nutes really… i should try one


Well, when you consider that marijuana plants are pretty darn hardy, I would think they’d live in pretty much any condition. I’ve seen people put they’re plants through hell and they still grow happily.


I went pretty much with just fox farms ocean forest and then just gently introduced nutrients at transition to flower but could have probably gone most of the way with none .


@raustin so since nutes are not in play,
do you think soil ph should be considered? as long as its not crazy… ?


Oh… so you wanna make this complicated, huh.

Well, of course, you want a nice 6.5 pH, but then this guy is gonna have to test water. Do you think he’ll be willing to do that? If so, then he’s gonna need a quick pH lesson.


@raustin lol yes its my overthinking EVERYTHING that gets me in to deep with Many things haha - ill ask him if he wants to just wing it or if he wants to know the basics- he’s quite the computer geek ( my dream boat ) lol Im sure if he wants to know more he’ll ask me or look into it… lol Im the ultimate over thinker and complicator of easy peazy… :ok_woman::nerd: thanks again xo


Know what? Give him the plant with a tag on it that has this forum address on it. That way if he has a problem he can just come here. Maybe he’ll really get into it and start growing.

I think I’m gonna do that for a couple of friends as Christmas gifts.


What a great idea for a Christmas or Birthday gift a 5 Pack of seeds and the Website along with a small care package of starter items .


If it’s a herme and your not overly concerned about nutrients Then why not Just tell him get some Miracle Grow Flower and Bloom and mix it at half strength.



perfect :heart_eyes:


Yep, I was thinking the same thing. Plain old Miracle Grow will do the trick.

I’m just happy @gpitel gave me this great gift idea! I’ve crossed off five people on my list. :grin:


That’s awesome Merry Christmas



Brilliant idea tagging the plant!


Right? Just put a bow on it and you have the perfect gift! :wink::sunglasses:


Actually, now that I think of it, it’s pretty standard marketing. I use Blue Apron food delivery and they do something similar. You can gift a box of free food to friends, but in order to receive that box, the person has to go to the website and “accept” the gift with a credit card number, though it’s not charged unless you buy something which is pretty brilliant.

So I guess I can’t take complete credit.