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I am an outdoor hobby grower ,a newbi,Living on the equator at 4000 feet altitude,the temps range from lows of 63 to normal highs of 83,I have cloned several plants lately,They are slow to start,but show signs of beginning to take off,I have started them in 27 liter square box,full of homemade compost from my yard and trees…We have 12 /12 hours of daylight…I will be glad to answer any questions anybody may have to the best of my knowledge and inexperience…I have recently completed a transplant grow which was a sativa “hermi” ,[ unknown to me because of my inexperience ] I used LST methods and got a zip lock quart bag totally full of finished bud,no stems,no leaves,just completely finished bud…Did not flush and used very little fertilizer,mostly coffee grounds…and a very little of leftover rose fertilizer…only after I fed the roses…It is a great uplifting smoke,One toke and I’m good for three hours…I welcome any comments,questions or advice…


With out flushing didnt that make it harsh?


No, not at all…My thoughts are because we were in the rainy season,.I live near Armenia, Colombia,and we do get tropical rains which are quite strong… So maybe it was a natural flush,and I did not use much fertilizer,and I tried to slow cure it,which ended up being less than two weeks,The color was right so I tried it and it was a very good smoke…In fact better than my Marlboro’s,Just lucky maybe…or maybe because it was a “hermi”,Lots of maybe’s…It also was only about three/four months old when I cut it…I cut it because I brushed against it and a cloud of pollen was expelled…
I’m keeping written records on the new grow,which consists of one “hermi” and three ladies…The “hermi” is four or five times the size of the females,The original "hermi"grew very quickly too…
I’ll know more when this new crop is harvested…


Nice!! Yea that coulda very well acted as a natural flush.
Keep me updated lol I’m interested in watching the progress


@TicoGringo From one hobby grower to another, congrats on a successful harvest!


Hi Majiktoker !! Just a note,I have four new clones in my garden,and four clones just recently started…In the bunch mentioned above I have two that are getting big…They really started showing off after the rains started,The rainy season has just kicked in ,Let me tell you when it rains here ,it RAINS !! One of my older clones was doing great and I moved it to it’s own container,about four days ago…It squired up about three or four inches in a couple of days,At the top of the original clone was normal leaves,then when the squirt occurred it was budding looking like a bunch of bananas,I measured the plant at nine inches…While I was examining it today,three of the “bananas” burst and a small cloud of pollen was expelled…which flew down wind of my two just starting to bud,big plants…Which have, lots of buds and some hairs,not many hairs though…I cut the top on the male clone off…and tossed it…The bottom appears normal,and looks like its a female…I’m keeping it for a while just to watch it,
BTW,The two big plants just entering the flowering stage are the size of a bushel basket and are now about 30 inches tall ,and loaded with new buds…I tried to count the buds on two branches,one had 21 and the other had 24 new buds…Then I lost my place and quit counting…I topped them both twice and had great growth…I also pinched the branches,and low stressed trained them …While I am a newbie,I am enjoying growing marijuana.and beginning to understand why Colombia is the pot growing capital of the world…Mas Tarde Amigo Mio !!


Yea hey my friend do keep an eye on it if it already bursted it might be to late and everything might have gotten pollinated, especially if they are starting to bud already. When they start budding that are more prone to getting pollinated, do you plan on going into breeding?


Good morning, Toker !,Breeding ? Are you talking about women or pot ? Written with a big grin !!
Breeding,Haven’t thought about it,I am married to a beautiful Colombian and am a documented legal resident here by my marriage…While Colombian Law allows me to have 28 plants for private use,I cannot transport anything out side of my property …Should I violate this law decree and get caught The Government gives me an instant free ticket to Panama which is the last entry on my passport …
I am a retired AT&T management person, and am quite precise in every thing I do…What I am saying if you want to “Long Distant” experiment,I might consider doing that…You guide me ,I’ll pay for the seeds,and I’ll try to to breed/cross breed any type you want to play with…And I am sure I can get the resulting seeds back to you…
I have all the tools/space/time and privacy needed to experiment…and I enjoy growing things…Now you have started a new thought process…Medical grow,A better smoke,Hmnnnnnn


Breeding the bud lmao that cracked me up haha…I’ll give it some thought to going into some thing like that as I have a few others I have some that with and it has worked out very well. If your interested in a mentor I have no problems in mentoring for you.

I breed my own seeds for the most part and order from seed banks to get genetics I need. If you need certain ones I have 600 different strains I have bred I would be willing to part with some if I’m interest rolls through.
I’m a mechanical engineer I’m a fighter plane and Blackhawk helicopter mechanic, it’s pretty interesting


Hey I have an little experience with Apache’s,and Huey’s,I rode in the back of Hueys a bunch…I also have 4000 hours in the air,Mostly in light stuff,a small amount flying right seat in Huey’s,After I returned from four years and seven months of banging around in the jungles of S.E. Asia I bought some Bonanzas , A Waco YKS 6,partnered is a Beech Staggerwing basket case,with a Jake up front,{ a rather unusual configuration} I fell in love with Bonanzas,owned six along the way,Lost my medical { went blind },and occasionally rent something to just get back up a little…
How do I send you my EM address ? I’m sure that we are boring other growers with our old stories,


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And that’s kick ass your allowed to have 28 there for private use


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While Colombian Law allows me to have 28 plants for private use
[/quote]:astonished: Honey, pack the bags while I load the kids into the minivan. We’re moving… to Columbia!