Growing nutrients


hi all, just planting northern lights auto flower. Grew a super skunk ( fem ) first time and used a fox farm grow kit with different nutrients by week of growth. big bloom , grow big, etc. Think I should use same schedule, just less due to shorter grow time


If it worked for you the first time, then I would stick to the schedule you know. The schedule is for the different stages of growth and should be adjusted accordingly. Not sure what you meant by “just less due to a shorter grow time.” Less what? Nutes will stay the same based on growth stage, but maybe you just meant less time in each growth stage due to it being an auto. That however isn’t always the case. Some autos can veg longer than some people veg photos, so you never know. I use the Lucas Formula with General Hydroponic Micro and Bloom because it is the same formula for the entirety of the grow which makes life really easy. Hope this helps you decide on how to approach your grow and good luck!


meant shorter grow time. just not add as often and little lighter more diluted Tended to over due on first grow, ya know. Thanks


grow lights or natural ?


I use fox farm i have the dirty dozen pack with beastie blooms and cha ching and open sesame
If i veg more i stay with the week 4 feeding schedule. As for the shorter flowering time my flower nutrients start the day i go to the 12hr light schedule and you should be okay following it like that because even at 6 weeks in flower your already on the cha ching for finish.


FF is a good product line and I get some lovely terpene development from it.

If you are growing in soil my advice is to not feed any nutes until flower, unless an obvious deficiency shows. Most good soils have everything you need and you will slow down or injure/kill a plant if you aren’t careful. You don’t want anything to slow down an auto.

While I have used and like FF products I have never used their grow products. Just flowering: from Open Sesame to Beastie Bloomz.