Growing Newbie Here

Hello there, thanks for stopping by ;). I’m trying to grow some Sour Diesel outdoors, and the page ( says it’s good outdoors, however I still have a bunch of questions about how the plant functions and how good my grow is.

To start off, I’m going to be growing outdoors, in a 5gal home depot bucket (Repainted from that orange lmao), with some black cow soil.

I’ve pretty much got the whole grow and maintain part down, but I’m really confused on the whole autoflowering and feminized. Since I’m going to be growing outside I can’t control the light cycle, but I have found the perfect spot for light (Did tests over a month all showing light in a circle). As stated before I want to grow SD, but it is feminized. I plan to plant early February. Will this be an issue with light? I live in Florida so it’s pretty hot here in the spring/summer time. Should I switch to an autoflowering or will the feminized switch itself?

Obviously living in Florida it’s illegal to grow here, so I was planning on growing some catnip (I already have it and read it works) around the plant to mask some odor. Will that be enough? I’m working around a $100 budget so after seeds and grow stuff I’m left with about $50 or so. I could go out and buy some more fragrant plants, but if possible I’d like to avoid that. I’m growing in the spot circled in Blue in the picture attached. I know it looks like the houses are close, and the spot sucks, But you’d have to see the spot to understand. The area is surrounded by about 5 foot tall palms.

So in conclusion my questions are:
Will catnip mask the odor?
Will planting feminized seeds in February be an issue regarding flowering and light cycles?

I thank you for reading this and hope you can help me out :wink: :wink:


@Scootifer, to be honest no i dont think catnip will cover the smell and it should however lets tag some one who can help @Floridason, can you help here :slight_smile: please and thanks, personally I wanna say no it won’t be an issue with light cycle as long as its under 12/12 or at 12/12 by the end of the year

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It should be about 12/12 through it’s time. I don’t know if you can answer this, but how long is the vegetative cycle, it says 68 days flowering, is that 68 days total, 68 days till flower, or 68 days of flowering?

Of course I can lol im a grow mentor for a reason lol vegitative stage indoors last as long as you make it out doors it last until the season turns to winter and the light cycle decreases.

Now for part b when it says 68 days, that is flowering time only (from the time you see the very first pistol ie; white hair)

Hope this helps, happy growings


So my plant will get to max height long before it starts to flower? Will it just sit there and chill until august or so when the light cycle changes?

It will continue to grow up until light cycle starts to get shorter, once it gets shorter it will physically grow (this in transition to flower is called stretching) for the first 4 1/2 weeks, the 2nd 4 1/2 weeks your plant will focus on bud developement

Ok, thank you so much for your help.

Your welcome if you have any more questions feel free to ask and ill be happy to help guide you to success

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LOL, I actually do have one more, if I grew an autoflowering plant would that mean I could get multiple harvests in a year from one plant?

No, however if you did do multiple autoflowers of same sorts or even different strains of autoflowers, then you could get multiple harvests in a year and all within just about the same time frame of each other :slight_smile:. Also alot shorter (about half the time frame) as photoperiods plants

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ok, That makes sense, thank you. :slight_smile:

Any time my pleasure

Sorry it took so long…

For your feminized, you will not get a fully ripe harvest before our Spring equinox. It will be long enough to give you an idea of what you can look forward to after the Fall harvest, but still won’t make it to full maturity.

I take mine right before the equinox, leaving enough on the plant for it to go back into veg. The plant will recover, though slowly at first. Don’t freak out when you see all the single segment leaves coming out. It’s normal and will recover.

For your autos, I plan on dropping two seeds every month until I get to my last 2. I’ll be timing the grows so I can count back from the Winter Solstice for my best time to plant. I have Blueberry autos and want to go for that color on my last two. Autos are great for a Summer harvest!

I don’t know how well the catnip will work as a cover scent, since I’ve never grown it. I know that Lowe’s will come out with a plant called “Spider Flower”. Get some if you ever see it!!!

I found it by smell one day. I could have sworn someone was burning some Skunk right there in the garden center!!

When I tracked the odor down, I was looking at a spindly little plant with leaves that looked like miniature indica leaves and small thorns on it. If I see them again this year, I plan to buy a dozen and line the front of my house so I can point curious eyes to the decoys!! :wink:

I’m just South of Gainesville and already have some outside for sexing. As soon as I know which are female, they will go in the ground. Like I said before, the first harvest is substandard. Better than what I can buy, but not what the second harvest will be.

I hope I’ve been able to help you with this input. If you want my attention, please tag me and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Rebel by blood…


I just wanted to address your chosen grow site, after looking at it again…

As a kid, your site would be right in the middle of my playground. Sour Diesel has the potential to be a monster of a plant! I would suggest a screen or heavy low stress training.

5’ palms won’t provide enough cover if you just let her go. I have a Sour Diesel that just sprouted that will be a mother for outdoor clones. I plan on screening at least one of them in an attempt to get a 20’ sq. canopy.

Please consider screening her…


I’m planning on switching my grow to some super silver haze. ( Would this be easier to conceal than the SD? It says indoors, but people are saying they are growing outside. I should have a 12/12 light cycle. Will this be ok?

For optimal growth you’ll want Atleast 14/10 14 hours of light 10 hours of darkness

I’ll record my light today and see if I have 10/14, I might who knows, but would it be safer to grow the silver over SD?

They are both smelly plants so at this point that would be more your choice