Growing mother to take clones from

after growing from seed 10 to 12 at a time, it is expensive so i want to try taking cuttings from a mother plant. i use brand of nutes that have worked well previously but have a differing requirement for each week of growth from grow to bloom, but if i have a continually growing mother after the 4 weeks(that would switch to a bloom enriched nute feed) wat nute feed should i give after the 4 week period to continue the growth for the mother, also is there a shelf life for the mother taking clones from. I know plant will grow perpetually under 18+light without flowering, but does there come a time that clones taken from mother lose the potentecy of buds

I think you can veg a mother plant for a long while as long as it is in flower .

Just feed “mother” plant with nutrients you have used in week 5 of growth and there is a “special” feeding of n-p-k for mother plants

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ok thanks wat is the special npk feed?

I want to recommend that at your first attempt at taking cuttings consider using this stuff !

I’ve lost only one clone total since I started using this ! I’ve always been a gel user but I’ve never been close to the success rate with this… And it’s under 5 bucks!
-Good luck

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i got something similar its purple clone gel is that similar?

Dude all I know is I’ve never Ben close to the success rate that I’m having I highly recommend this stuff!

ok cool,will have a look, wat else do you do to ensure roots take hold eg intial clippings,environment, i have a little 18 cell green house(base,tray & lid), water/any nutes?

Going from memory here, but I watched some good videos on cloning. Some things to remember:

  • After cutting off the branch, make the “final” cut underwater (preferably water mixed with rooting gel) at a 45 degree angle. This keeps air pockets from forming in the stem, which will kill it.

  • After making the final cut, immediately scrape the outer skin of the stalk at the end, dip it in rooting gel, and place in your medium. In going to try a 50/50 peat moss/perlite combo.

  • Sterilize your blade with alcohol after EACH cut.

  • Spray your dome with a mister and make sure the leaves stay moist.

I’ve read that some folks just stick their cutting in a solo cup half full of water, wrap it in a plastic bag, and set it in the window for a couple weeks and don’t touch it, with great success!

Good luck! I’m trying my first clones in a couple weeks.

nice one also got told wen cut plant leaving few nodes(leaves) dont cut off completely leave bout 1/4 leaf just to give little extra uptake to stem & root system to establish

Propagation mat

-short money
-absolutely essential

I like 80 - 84 degrees, high humidity for 5 days and I get Roots growing out the top sides and bottom :thumbsup: Off the hook !

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ok will look into, sever temo changes where i live,i have priblems generally regulatiin temp/humdity

cooral you can keep a mother as long as you can keep it healthy … root bound over water ect… Now keep this in mind tho , if your gonna reduce the lite , in other words not use HID lighting OR equivalent youll have to reduce nutes according to light … More lite more nutes more water …= less light less nutes …less water. i have held mothers in grow for 4 years … in DWC .when it got to rooted i used Sharp Scissors to trim with in 2 inches of my mesh pot ,rinse loose roots off . add 2 tsp of root tone powder to to bucket for a week the change when i cut her own the trunk was 2 3/4 " across … next No SHE wont loose potency it stays there ,’ genetics’’ But if you clone a clone and clone a clone and clone a clone ECT ECT it will be come unstable ,every time you step away from the mother farther you loose like .01% and i mite be wrong on the percent amount . but you do loose a little … Does this help ??? your fellow Grower @ ILGM .:grin: Hammer ps keep her in 18-19 HR’S light . and HO T-5 S’ are a good source of lite ,try to find color spectrum in between warm and cool white Day lighter’s are best .Home depot … and youll have a good supply of clones … Peace H

Correction if u want the mother plant to stay in veg. Mode (to continue to clone. Or just have a nice plant indoors) u dont ever want to switch toflower mode.


I’ve gotten greate success with using honey instead of cloning gel, and by great I mean 100%, so far. Just put the end in a jiffy plug, and in a couple of weeks, so healthy white roots. Mine just outgrew their solo cup today (4 weeks since started), I made sure to use high quality potting soil as well. Here in Fl, the humidity is great, no dome need, I even have my clones outside in the rain! No watering needed either, letting nature do my work for me :slight_smile:

honey interesting, i can understand the science of it working, i didnt realise it was 4 weeks til root establishment to replant,difference btwn seeds&clones i s’pose(i use clay balls but jiffy plug to establish)mother&clones cheaper by far, will try try for sure thanks(do they need bread & cuppa too))))

You can keep a mother plant alive for years if you want to, I used 12 hrs lights on, 5.5 off, 1 on 5.5 off in the 24hr period but monster cropping produces bushier plants, and you don’t need to keep a mother plant. Another benefit is if you grow say 6 plants, you can have 6 different strains without needing 6 mothers! Read this :grinning:

I’ve heard of monster cropping and it makes sense but what exactly is the clone survival rate . Can I take a clone from a flowering plant and set it directly into flowering or do I have to put in veg schedule. I’m outdoors and I just want to have a continual harvest year around, I don’t really like having to go somewhere else for weed beside my backyard, but being outdoor only helps for about 3 months until I hav to actually BUY weed. Which isn’t a pleasant experience.

I’m planning my first mini-SOG with clones. When she gets big enough, I’m hoping to take a dozen or so cuttings (over a 2 week period if necessary) and sticking them in a 50-50 perlite-peat moss mix. When they all grow roots (10-14 days?), I’ve got 2-gallon grow bags for them, and I’m going to put them all (including the mother) into flower. I’ll probably let them grow another week or two AFTER rooting, depending how big they are.