Growing more organically with slow release amendments?

This is how I’m going about new grow
Soil FF Happy frog soil and conditioner mixed …
I have read several times stay away from slow release top amendments. For non synthetic npk.
It seems if you know when and how much to add to soil it keeps a balanced rhizophhere symbiotic relationship.
I have some mammoth p
Also mycorhizzae
Cal mag plus if this is sufficient along with earth dust base and boost will it give me a more clean grow without the synthetic harshness or need to flush?
Oh yeah I use tap water with chloramine in it but I have vitamin c tablets to combat chloramine.
Plus if you’re supposed to ph the water which yeah even though I’m going more clean or more “organic” will the ph up/down chloramine tablets or bottled ph up/down have an adverse effect on my next grow idea getting further away from synthetic bottles.
Probably a thousand better ways but if this way is sufficient enough for my purpose how do I go about it?
When do I dry amendments to let it break down in enough time to keep feeding my plants npk as needed with each growth stage .
Plus here is 3 ounces off my last white widow harvest day 7 dry smells like super pine still harsh started cure today ideas?

Great high still harsh harvested this one still milky
Used ff big 3 bottle nutes like I said earthy sweet pine smell first open jar/strong.
Dwindles after a couple minutes and tastes harsh dirtish and and leafy right now. But got kinda skunks last day drying first day of cure.
Great high gas like no 2 day dark and one flush day before harvest?

I’m warning you it’s very frustrating, but you can still get great results , nectar for the gods has a slow release ( called one shot ) that’s great to have in the bottom half of your pots. Essentially you need to top dress with 15-20 tablespoons of dry amendments every 2 weeks if you don’t want tons of deficiencies , otherwise you have to make teas , there’s no way to mix enough nutes at the beginning to not burn your seedlings but last the entire grow.

Does anyone start maybe with synthetic and then switch over to teas and top dressings last couple or few weeks?? Just trying to come up with my niche’ 4 now.
Plus the dechlorination tablets
Ph up/down
Cal/Mag + still kind of fit the more organic less or mostly obsolete salt synthetic grow?
Plus the mycorhizzae mammoth p is organic microbes my cal mag too well not straight from earth organic but non synthetic right?
This nectar of the gods is it for veg and flower ?
Like earth dust base and boost?
So first time about halfway down my soil?
Apply nectar of the God’s?
Then every 2 weeks top dress?
Do I use less then recommended?
It’ll burn seedlings because of the microbes/nutes already in the f.f. soil for about 20 days combined with top dressing causes nute :fire: right i think?
Can this work ?
Start seedlings in soil water for 14-20 days till I see deficiencies because the soil become depleted?
Feed plants my original ff big 3 blend then add top dressing since it breaks down slow then keep routine feed from there with top soil ,teas,mammoth p and mycorhizzae cal mag teas since I have them?

2nd grow so should I stick with typical salt/nute
And flush roughly at my 2 week window as scheduled round week 7-8 roughly after 2 week transition over preflower right?
Don’t know just wanna do better and better and hone in my methods.

Plus what works best for nitrogen teas ?
Banana works for potassium.Potatos too?
What works for phosphorus or I can sneak a light correction dose of my ff 3 salt nutes if I need a overnight fix up right if I mess up with deficiency

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Well I do a combo of jacks, a probiotic infused coco coir, and molasses , kelp, humic, and fulvic acid, then last 2 weeks they get exclusively molasses and Epsom salt , and it’s SOO much easier and better then my old organic method in terms of terp and thc production

Dang sure out of my league man but I’m going to Shaolin in my grow staple or die.
Since I have the ff soil happy frog and happy frog conditioner I’m going to use that?
I dont know what Jack’s I did read up on it once at least guess I smoked that straight outta my short term bro.
But is this organic method slow release or feeding the soil I think it is?
Hopefully it is immediate break down or plant/root fed right?
Then again idk if all organic is slow or soil feeding instead of plant feed direct and I really have fried all brain cells :upside_down_face:?
If so I can still start my veg cycle off ff big 3 and others switch over to organic feed whichever ones is for veg stage then same method on flower stage will this work?

Frustrating hope I’m making sense just dove into this world since September…
Just wanna get more and more to my brand of grow perfection or my grow standard.
Then learn light phenomes and more and more cannabis cultivating science…
Is there some affordable courses online schooling thats a reputable or viable learning resource…
It’s already frustrating 100,000 pov from 10’s of 1000’s of forum sites with relatable but totally different views on every minute detail of this art.
Man I wish they had day by day face time time knowledgeable vet instructors that personalize this craft to each individual who’s guidance no matter how aggravating from beginning to end.
I do believe this is marketable.
I know YouTube Mr. Grow It or countless others nah I’d rather have a sensei play by play cause its an overwhelming ride in the beginning.

Yea fox farms is fine , jacks 321 is just cheaper and easier schedule but requires feeding every watering. No online course beats experience, but you should read nickies forum thread on dli, it’s the most reliable way to measure light I’ve ever seen. But for soil start on a 5 day watering schedule ( after a week of being a seedling) and lift the pots a day early each watering , if they’re feather light then shorten the watering intervals, ph your watering and you’ll do just fine

I am flushing my last 2 ww plants.
They still got mainly white pistils.
But there has been a couple of bud swell fattening and I understand grow big buds but inner bud is milky and amber trichomes starting to pop up now I can use banana teas etc. for not so much n but p and k if needed hoping chlorophyll starts leaving my leaves. But the molasses kelp tea Epsom salt and mammoth p. or mycorhizzae will be ok to give for the rest of this flower cycle. Plus you’re saying I can flush and do this on next grow to to get cleaner more naturally aromatic plants by the end of flower.
I’ll do the 5 day out watering schedule checking the pot weight each day before to see the more consistent watering change and I was trying to remember the d.l.i. forum a little earlier too.
So I’m not doing top amends dry amends what have you. I’ll by the kelp mammoth etc. And switch from Ff nutes about a month into flower and then flush and grow the rest of my flower cycle out with the organic method till end.
Oh yeah with cal mag also.
But this way feeds plant directly through roots not slow release?

Hey i grow organically aswell i use a coco coir with peat moss and perlite mix i amend my soil with volcanic rock dust fertilizer and superworm frass and kelp meal and alfalfa meal fish bone meal bat guano and sea bird guano worm castings plus i have live worms in my soil aswell i use five gallon fabric pots my last white widow auto i got nine ozs and it has a spicy earthy taste with a smell of pine this time around im doin a girl scout cookies auto and a critical purple auto both in five gallon fabric pots im using a 2×2×180 tent a 300 watt led grow light and thats 300watt from the wall here is my girls that i have goin now

There about three days old i start them in solo cups

Freaking awesome you dropped a total growth bomb on me man good looking out.

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Check this out im also doing bok choy in my tent these are two days old aswell

Growing in the same soil as my girls