Growing medium. What to use!

At first i was going to go with FFOF soil for my first grow. But the autos i want to try recommend i use coco. So my question is. What coco should i get? And what nutrients and other stuff (idk anything that goes with feeding) should i get for my first grow in coco. Also it looks like coco is forgiving so that’s a plus.

U can use coco just like soil or hydro its kinda a mix of both i would recomend getting a good soiless medium. Like alot of people use promix or roots organics soiless medium.

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I use coco and highly recommend it. You can get burpee coco coir, it comes ready to use. Add perlite to it and get general hydroponics Flora trio nutes and a calmag supplement


@HornHead thanks! That’s pretty much it eh. How often do most people feed the plants. I understand the watering when dry but not sure about how often to feed yet. On Youtube everyone had adifferent opinion

I feed, water feed, feed water feed and just keep repeating that. But I also run about 3 gallons of plain water through then add nutes. This helps keep salt build up to a minimum

I have seen the salt build up part several times. Thanks for the help!

I would follow what ever nutrient u use to determine ur feed schedule because water feed feed water can burn your plants also. But like i said it depends on nutrient line u use.


You can use a super soil base like Kind Soil plus a good top mix and than you just add water the entire grow
No need to worry about adding anything but water and your time training the dragon!

I would suggest going all organic with a living soil using natural nutrients instead of chemicals there isn’t the issue of salt build up unless you feed with chems and your feeding the soil that then feeds the plant. Mycorrhizae Fungi baby! Look it up!
There is a section on growing in “dirt” for reference.
You are what you eat.
But that’s just me!

Hope this helps



I used the advanced nutrients PH perfect line for coco.
I found it to be very easy and it compensates for the cal-mag issues with coco without having to add cal mag seperately.

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I’ve found that using fabric pots make it much easier to tell when it’s time to water. I can tell just by giving the sides of the pot a little squeeze if it’s time to water.


@Killadruid yea thanks bro i seen several videos saying tp only use like 1/3 of suggested feed. But to stick tp there schedule. @Skydiver im actually rrleally interested in organic. Ive been watching Mr. Cunnuck grow on youtube and i love his set up. Problem is im already spending over 600$ and i looked up that organic stuff would add like over another 100$!. So im going to go coco for the first couple grows with autos. Then whrn i get better i am going to transition to full organic!

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@Watt-Sun yes! For now while i do coco I’m going to go with the advanced nutrients for less ph issues! And i already got the fabric pots in my cart :wink:


I have found that the feeding schedule Advanced reccomends is a bit aggressive. My first grow I followed the feeding schedule on their budlabs app. It didn’t show any feedings with just ph’d water so I fed every watering like the app said to and I was just about on the edge of a nitrogen toxicity. My last grow I did just ph’d water every other and fed using the week behind amounts (Ie. feed week 3 amounts on week 4)
I had a much happier looking plant .


the coco, perlite, fert’s, pH and EC meters, will be more then $100.!!
30+60+50+50= $190.!!


did u just call me a pussy.??? LOL.!!


@Watt-Sun thanks for telling me that I’m sure it will help. Glad i know before i start. And @SlowOldGuy yea man i was low balling the crap out of it. Looking at the nutes that the youtube grower ive been watching uses one bag is 90$ organic is gonna be in the future for sure

I have a dual bulb 1.2m led grow light.

I have my plants in 0.5 liter pots.

I have been using potting soil mix only.

I have a growbox with the inside wrapped in foil.

I have air intakes and exhaust

I have the pots at a distance of 800mm from the grow light.

I germinate and put the seeds without problem.

I get a sprout no problem.

My sprouts grow to about 80mm and then halt growth completely.

Normally 2 sets of leaves sprout and stop there after.

I cannot seem to get past this stage and cannot get thick growth and more leaves to sprout before I transplant.

I have not done 1 transplant yet.
But have grown about 30 seeds to the above mentioned stage and it dries out and dies out.

I have been watering 2 -3 days at a time.

Can someone please assist with me getting to the next stage of growth and transplant phase.

I basically have everything up to the sprout stage covered. It is getting beyond this stage that I am struggling a lot with.

I have pictures for reference

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