Growing medium indoors

What do most growers use as a medium. Anyone have experience growing with amended soil ie organic garden material. Is there much more or less nutes? thanks

I use coco coir and plant grows faster in that then in soil. But you gotta add nutes yourself. If you want soil, look into kind soil. All you have to do is water


Thanks I am looking into different types and growers are the best to ask

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Look for a recipe that buffers the soil PH between 6.3 and 6.8: the main problem I’ve seen with diy soils is chasing PH problems throughout the grow.

@HornHead is right: coco is generally faster than soil, as is Promix. Hydroponics beats em both.


I use a basic organic soil on top and super soil on the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 of pot. Works well for me. Ph water to 6.5 is all you really need the entire grow. I’m more than happy with the results.

I’m using a mixture of fox farms ocean forest & fox farms happy frog, depending on the strain.
I start out with an Omri rated seedling soil.
I use earth juice nutes.

I start with Fox Farm as my base soil, I mix it with coco choir, perlite, worm castings and compost. I also add some organic ferts. Once I mix it and activate it with compost tea I just use R.O. water from there till right before flower