Growing medium - come on which should i go for, first timer, plenty of time on my hands to tend and water ect


title says it all, just wondering what growing medium you guys advise, as its about to be set up!


It honestly depends on stage of plant @McLovin777


For a first time grower Fox Farms Ocean Forest is a no hassle grow medium it has plenty of nutrients to get almost all the way to the flowering stage of the grow. You will need a seedling starter like happy frog . But many people on here use fox farms soils and nutrients including me these plants have had one feeding just recent and all the rest is fox farms ocean forest and ph 6.2 water


Mhmm they look sexy. What lights you got up? I went for x2 600w mh bulbs,
change to hps later on :slight_smile: pretty tempted to get a couple 1000w leds to, but
its pointless til they get noce and fat really


Totally forgot to reply… to the actual comment haha i have fox farm nutes
and hear great things. Problem is the soil has to be imported from the US i
think, im going to have a look for a uk supplier now


I am running 1900 watts of led lights my space is so small the heat from a hps would fry my girls. It is overkill but they get good penetration to the under parts of the plant .


seed stage, cuttings next time around providing all goes well! went for a light soil and then moving up to bat shit later on! ha


Haha in that case good info above


got any tips on how to get to that stage?
how old are the ladies? and is that only 2 plants?!
supercropping? regular cropping?
feeed me knowledge


Yes @McLovin777 they were femmed and super cropped but my grows may not be some of the best ones you could be following to learn from as I’m a new grower and seem to have a more haphazard grow style than most on here . I’m kind of like Shleprock form the Flintstones I have dropped lights on them one jumped off the porch balcony and like Humpty Dumpty I couldn’t put it together again . If you want a blow by blow view of the mistakes I have made and had to adjust to this grow my journal this grow is . From seed to weed a boy and his scorg your welcome to check it out and ask questions but being new myself always check with a more experienced grower before doing what I am . Hell I could be ready to kill mine and not know it till someone here warned me


Thats what im here for if you both need the help just @ me and ill chine in


@Majiktoker I appreciate it bud . And I know the Calvary is just waiting on the call to help when you can and it is appreciated. I would have probably failed on the first grow and got discouraged and quit . Now I realize kaka occurs to even the most experienced growers and you just suck it up and toss more beans in the ground .