Growing medium anybody

Any feed back from those that have used bushdoctor coc loco coconut coir. Is this any good?

I use cocotek but they’re basically the same thing. Just make sure to wash it really well to get the salt out. Test with tds meter to insure you’re at an acceptable level

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I found coco to be the best medium (for myself) plants just grow faster and healthier. Plus it’s easier to correct if something goes wrong

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When you say wash it well what do you mean?

Coco is not much more than hydro without the air stones.

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I use canna coco. Mix 50/50 with perlite. Coco is a great medium especially for beginners .

Some coir comes loaded with salt out of the factory. That’s mainly in brick form though. You should be good

Do I have to use the perlite with the bushdoctor as you say?

thanks, as this is a mixture and not a solid block.

Yes, add perlite unless it already comes with it. Then add more if you like. I like more so it drys out faster and more air gets to roots

Is there a ratio to use? I plan on growing in 5 gal. bags.

I do about 70/30. Something in that range

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Thanks for your input, was not sure if you needed any. It is nice to get advice from the pros.