Growing indica and sativa marijuana together? + some advice

Some advice needed for a fellow grower:

I live in South Africa in a really cool place called
Cape Town. Im still a student and study Graphic Design. I live by
myself which gives me the freedom to grow as I please. I have this
plant, I have been growing it for about a year now, which is quite long.

Firstly, ill explain the living conditions of the plant. It use to be my friends
plant, we both took the seeds and cleaned them and planted them
together in very nice soil. Do know that it was two completely different
seeds from two different types of plants. Still unknown. All we known
is how the buds where from these previous plants and it was great! So
then my friend when on holiday when they just hit their teens. They
completely died when she got back, she then revived them and carried on
growing. So then months later she went on holiday again. They died
again, just about to hit adult stage. I then decided to go to her place
and steal them from her since the one seed was rightfully mine.

I bought proper soil, a massive pot and some good nutrients for the plant
and had patients. The plant now stands on my balcony everyday, on the
second story with a really nice, soft breeze running through it
everyday. I water it really early in the mornings and late at night.
When they do get sun its around 12pm until 4/5pm

Each morning I take a bottle of spray water and softly mist water over it.
But i am however still very unsure what type of plant it is, will it bud
since its died so many times and is it possible for an indica and a
sativa to grow together in one pot? Ill attach a Photo of the plant for

Some answers would be amazing.

It is what it is. They look healthy enough. Bad idea to have both in one pot, and…
You are getting minimal Sun exposure. Most plants need 6-8 hours of direct Sun light. It is what it is. :smile:

Watering should only be done once pot has almost dried out, or you will rot the roots by over watering. Another thing about watering. You never water plants at night. Plants only uptake nutrients when there is enough light to warrant them feeding. Good Luck