Growing in worm castings and P H watering

I have made a super soil consisting of worm castings and perlite and coco coir for base then adding small amount of bat guano, humid acids, kelp meal etc.
Are these ingredients a good super soil mix.
Then my question is… can I water my plants with worm casting and we’ll water of eight

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@ThcinKC does this kind of thing and maybe able to tag some other folks.

I’m just here when things go completely wrong :blush:

Hey. My well water is PH of 8. When I put water in worm castings and spray on seedlings the PH is 7.
Should I use water with added worm castings to get a P H of 7.

O.k. you got alot going on your ph is way to high with a coco base and the nutrients and your tea will be your feed if im reading this right you have alot of nitrogen going on but no minerals like azomite or a trace mineral mix I grow in dirt/soil with pig manure and cow,chicken manure azomite, rock phosphate, blood and bone meal alfalfa teas with vitamin c, b complex, multi vitamin with thiamine. Your also missing calcium and a sugar it’s a easy carbon that plants love i use molasses crystals it’s cheap and work’s great. A good master soil builder is @garrigan62 i took alot from him and use what is easily available for me to get. I have a farm that is on a well to do you know what is in your water some wells and aquifers have a high metal content especially if in a limestone aquifer or if it’s connected to the river downstream from a industrial complex my aquifer is connected to the big under ground river in the Midwest and will have issues with oil well drilling once in a while. I hope this helps you and also you can get manure from the zoo it’s 30 dollars a truck load here. Also learning about the brix reading is a very worth while rabbit hole to study


Say once every two weeks

I am sure you are way too high. I do not even know what you are talking about.


I did not even say that.
I asked a simple question. Can I use my worm casting water to spray on my plants. Small indoor grow.

Then I guess I do not need your advise

You should read the question before you answer with non science.

Let us say bull. I have all the additives but just one question.

No you are just way too high

Do not need to read your apply. Way too off the the question. Put down your pot for a second

Get off here until you can make some sense. Do not reply.

@Ginny he was genuinely trying to help you out. Sometimes this stuff is kinda scientific and these guys tend to lose us haha. (Wait til they start talking lights)
Go easy lol


You sound like a person who will direct someone new in the wrong direction.

Sorry, I will. I know you are right.

I’m still laughing at this


Not me… I just want an answer.
Can I use my worm casting water to spray my plants?

I do not know. @ThcinKC was trying to help ya out. You won’t get anywhere being rude to the people trying to help you. We tend to keep it respectful around here :+1:t2:
Good luck on your grow :v:t2:


@ThcinKC @Southerngal holy crap I ask more stupid questions than anyone and I am still going WTF just happened here I am following all the new topics and that was very strange and shameful