Growing in the northeast

I’m in the fourth week of flowering and am told I can go to the bed of October to harvest is that true I live in the norteast

It will really depend on when frost hits. Your plants can usually handle the first frost but prolonged temps that are near freezing will kill them. Frost also increases your chance of bud rot. I am from maine so I dont plan to have plants out past the middle of October just to be safe. Check your farmers almanac for projected frost in your area. Best of luck with your grow

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I’ve moved the plants closer to the house during flowering their getting du light but not as much direct does this matter

You’ll want them to get as much direct light as possible.

It’s going to be a race with that plant. She’s got a way to go, at least a month.

I’m in VT. Growing into the first week of October is fairly bulletproof, but after that it’s risky. I’ve never gone much past 10/15.

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Should I bring them in at night or just cover them two ladies I call them Thelma and louise put a lot of work into them and hate to lose them a month from harvest got down to 32degrees last night someone said a spray bottle of room temp water will save them!close to Canada!

I moved them into direct sunlight and it got pretty warm today!

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You can bring them in at night if you want. Just be sure that they receive ZERO light during lights out.

Massachusetts here…mine are planted in the ground…think they will make it…???