Growing in Texas weather Hott!


I’m a new grower. I am going to grow a Grandaddy Purple strain. My deal is its July 106-110 degrees temps now. August about the same. September temps start dropping and back to the nineties up to December finally down to 75-85• temps. Don’t get cold here till January. So my question is can I start my seed germination indoors in mid August then transplant outdoors in beginning of September and grow through December. That at 4-months to grow and hopefully get a decent harvest with some buds. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated


I would recommend autoflowering varieties, start to harvest is about 3 months. Best of luck!


Sun light is getting shorter each day…the plant will act accordingly.
Meaning it will start to flower quickly, but, current 12+ hours of sun will be in your favor. Starting indoors with 18 hrs will give the plants a much better start. The plants should have plenty of time to produce a good harvest. However, the extra 3+ months of a full growing season would produce a noticeably larger harvest. Auto’s would have a full growth cycle, but, harvest will be smaller…but quicker.
Good luck…keep us updated with pics if possible.


@Stevengray60 Here the sun hrs we have left in south Texas area, I would do the autos and focus gettin ready for the photo plants in spring, it still can be done but the yield might suffer unless you do what @tanlover442 said and. Start them indoors to get a head start, good luck with GDP, let us know how it works out


Definitely. I will keep updated. I’ll probablly start my germination in a couple weeks. That will be the beginning of August. I’ll start them indoors for a few weeks an take it outside gradually. I’ve a big tree providing shade and yet still enough light for my new plant to make its transition outside, By putting in my 5-gallon cloth pot, at that point i’ll Leave outside for the rest of the growing time. I’ll try to keep plenty pics of stage growth for anyone also in my grow settings of hot temps. I’ll definitely start next spring with new strains of different seeds good for high CBD I am planning to use for medical purposes. But I read that Grandaddy Purple has a big couch lock effect. I want something that will be good for arthritis and inflammation and at same time doesn’t put me back in the chair like a zombie. I smoked rereationally quite a bit when I was young, but I’m 58 yrs old now so I don’t need too much of that


Forgot to mention: In South Texas…july, august temps will be over 103 degrees fahrenheit (39.4 degrees centigrade). The heat index/felt temp will be around 115* Fahrenheit. Brutal on humans working outdoors and same for Ladies growing in full sun. Especially when the cooling winds stop during august----hurricane season.


Just remembered…I planted brick seeds in june…when I got some good weed with seeds. And, with just fish emulsion, topping a few times…the two Ladies were 6.6’ tall (2+meters) and still growing when I harvested in early october. The first northers were coming in…AND…I was worried about the neighbors seeing two large Xmas trees. So you should have plenty of time to get regular photo’s going and have a decent harvest. Let me know if you need a smoke tester…:smiley::star_struck::cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute:


Yes I gotta new 6-ft fence. So ima try n train it so they will hopefully like u said not turn into Christmas trees for all to see. This is Texas as I know. Can’t have anyone noticing my stuff. No nosey neighbors


I will keep pics updating the grow stages. Starting pretty soon.


Heck, get them started now. Make hay while the sun shines. You can start under lights if you have…at 18 hrs for a two weeks, then ease out into shaded but partial sun areas. Then move to full sun. Also, plenty of high CBD strains around…some of them are auto’s.


I don’t have the ability to indoor grow Totally out of realm of indoor grow. Don’t have the equipment. This is my first stab. Hopefully a possibility in future tho


@Stevengray60 Hello buddy, A regular light bulb can keep them from flowering,I use the daylight all day and bring them in for a few hours of light at night, just enough not to trigger flowering and you should be good. Becareful and use something for the pest. I harden the plants slowly to transition to full sun, start them slow ,remember all plants are different some harden faster than others, at first sign of stress ,back into the shade and they should be fine ,good luck my friend


Much appreciated. I am very great full for any and all input.


If you can stretch a 30% shade cloth over them, and keep them watered they’ll be fine in those temps. Mine are seeing temps of 100-105 and are green and growing.


Wow thanks probably a great idea. Was it a white sheet so light can still come through, tempered so not to scorch your plant.


I think your right. Anticipation of my first grow is killin me. I’m gonna go an start to seed soak and get my only Grandaddy Purple seed to pop. Kind of crazy. I ordered from Amsterdam website feminized seed seller. I thought when I ordered I was actually getting ten seeds but ended up as being just one. Bummer. Live an learn. I’m gonna order more soon as I want plenty for next spring. So I’m keepin my fingers crossed that this “1-seed” will pop with a lill root springing out for new life. I wanted to ask a fellow Texas grower what kind of soil u used to start with. I’ve seen ton of YouTube videos and all the fertile soils they use aren’t sold here in Texas. And also when should I start putting added nutrients like nitrogen an what ever else I need. I see that you can spend a fortune with all the necessary added nutrients Any suggestions is appreciated


No, regular shade cloth. You can buy it at Home Depot, Lowe’s or online. Here, this my garden with a shade cloth on top.


Wow bro. That’s a mighty awesome grow u got going on. If mine will do this well I’ll be extremely happy. I really don’t have the greatest of neighbors on either side of me. I live in the city an kinda got nosey people on the one side. So I’ll have to be extremely careful as not to get too big with my grow. Definitely looks like u got it going on. When those beautiful ladies start budding shoot me a pic please.


Will do and that should be soon.


I did my seed germination a couple days ago on my Grandaddy purple strain. I only had one seed so as u can only imagine I was super nervous what if this thing don’t pop. But I soaked it in a cup of water for a full 24-hrs, and I sank it in the cup for the next 24 hrs. Still no activity. So I took it out an poured all water out accept a lill bit and place the seed on a napkin and dampened it well an placed in a sandwich bag, sealed it an put it in a dark wam place I put it by my water heater room which was not too hot but definately warm. A day an a half later and the magic happened. It popped and a lill root came spurting out. I placed in a big plastic coffee bucket and drill holes for drainage. I know it sounds like it’s my first child being born, but that’s how excited I am. Hopefully in a few days or when the plant pops his head up, I’ll start having pics. Not much to see yet accept my grow pot. It’s big enough that it will keep in it till I do my final transplant into the fabric 5- gallon pot. I places it out on the enclosed back room which is all glass windows having plenty of light, and yet not stating outside in this 111 degree weather in Wichita Falls. From one Texas grower to another wish me luck. My first grow and I can’t wait. Hopefully in a few months from now it will be Marry Christmas to me