Growing in soil vs RDWC

from a fellow grower: I’ve always grown in soil and hand watered, I’m considering constructing a RDWC system. Can you tell me a little about the benefits and downfalls of either? I’m still in the fence about switching

Soil grows seem to extend the amount of time to get to harvest compared to hydro. RDWC with a chiller does a fine job but is a technical grow with a lot of interlocking components to take care of. Rez changes (normally) every two weeks so have to deal with a fair amount of waste water. If you have high efficacy lights though, you can really push plants to amazing growth if everything is tuned up.

I just started my next grow in a new house and chose Autopots instead of media or soil. There are a number of growers on here who are rocking the autopots.

If you join the forum we will be much better able to guide your next grow.

Organics can be used in soil, hydro not so much. If growing organically suits you then I would advise staying away from hydro.