Growing in So cal area

Hi everyone Just a quick question I am growing outdoors in so cal orange county area. I want to start my plants by first week of march. I was wondering if that was to soon to start growing outdoors. Too cold? Not enough light in the day to start so they grow big and healthy? I have grown indoors before where you all know you can basically set your own growing season. Thanks for any help or ideas.

Sorry a little more info. Going to germinate seeds then plant and move outdoors by mid to 3rd week of march. That is the plan but i am open to any new ideas and advice. Thank you

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Hey @KINDRIPPS! Welcome…

Check this out: Outdoor Grow Calendar - South


You would likely end up with a minimal harvest or hermied plants if planting outside that early. Memorial Day is a good time to get them out and a lot of folks start indoors to have a bigger plant when they finally go out. You could start in April under lights and move out when the day is long enough.


Thank you Blackshirt, thank you Myfriends410 Great advice. Love this place.
I promise to post pics when I am done at the end of the season. Thanks again!

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You got some good advice can’t argue with that and welcome to the forum @KINDRIPPS

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I’m planning a outdoor grow in so cal as well. I’ve just started my seeds.

I’m thinking of putting the plants out in mid March but before that growing them indoors under LED and window lighting.

You guys think that’s too soon?

Afghan fem if that matters

After more reading it looks like as long as my indoor photoperiod is not any longer than the outdoor I can move outside as early as I like.

Also, keep in mind that planting early will also give ur plants the time to grow very large, depending on strain genetics, and this might be an issue with neighbors - thieves - authorities. Also, I’ve been discovering that the longer the plants live, the older they are and seem to have a little less vim and vigor than younger plants. It’s not a “hard and fast rule”, but it is something to keep in mind.