Growing in Scotland


Hi, Does anyone live in Scotland. Need help as you will know our weather can be difficult to grow in.


Well if there isn’t, that don’t mean we can’t help you.
Stoner and Latewood are very knowledgeable in this feild and then you have all the members at your disposal.
So what do you have going on in good old Scottland that we all can help you with…by the way… my name is Will

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Hi Will, Thanks for the help, the problem here is we get four seasons in one day.I am going to start indoors will make it much easier.


Hi Will, which type of microscope is best.



Go to Indoor Grow and click on 5 Weeks of Flower.
Iceberg pic’s are awesome.
Now I use a 60 x 100 microscope. You can find these on Amazon fairly inexpensive.
How big is your grow room going to be and how many plants. Your Lighting
Setup and ventilation setup knowing these things will help everyone help you.
And soil type.

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Hi Will, the grow tent is 1mx1mx2m, filter and 6inch extractor, blue lamp for veg red for flowering, both 200 watt cool horticultural lamps so i can control the heat. The tent is in my spare room. The soil is DP pro soil light mix. The fem seeds are strawberry kush from Robert. I have been reading up on scrog, what do you think.Thanks.



Good deal David, heat can be your worst enemy.
Trust me been there done that…lol
Sounds like you did do some home work good for you. I too am useing my spare room and I am doing the scrog. Here’s a pic

My plants are all in separate flower stages soon that I can harvest
Every two weeks. Well that’s the plan anyway…lol

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Hi Will, I have 3 seeds in propagator with a light over them planted them on Tuesday they came through this morning, how long should i leave them in there?. I am putting them in 15 gallon pots. Your set up looks great hope it works for you thanks for the pics. I am ok with the engineering its the growing, I will study a part at a time but i will have more questions.



Hi Will, I can’t see pics from other parts of the site, i tried to look at Epicahren blueberry but site comes up with 404 error who do i ask about this?.

#10 support

Try this David
Hope it helps

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Hi Will, Sorry still saying 404 error. How do you dry and cure?, there seem to be lots of ways. Thanks.



I do not understand why you cannot see images; However; IN an effort to help, I have promoted you from basic user, to member. Maybe this will help. Each level has it’s own permissions, but I do not recall us blocking new members from seeing anything. Hope this helps.


Lakewood thank you for helping David out man. That was way cool of you for doing that.

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Dave, when their ready. I pull them up and cut the Root ball off and hang them upside down and cut the big fan leaves off. Leave them hanging in the dark. Very important dark is a must light will degrade your pot,but leave them until you can snap the twigs with your fingers. Then I trim and cut my buds and put them into mason jars or paper bags.

Hope this helps
P.S Can you see pic’s now?
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After drying; Put them in paper bags 1st. This allows the inner part of the bud to dry without over-drying the out portion of the bud. The paper bag breathes, but does not let in humidity. Paper absorbs the moisture, and you get an evenly dried bud; Ready to cure.

Cure by placing in a glass jar* for a moth; Or, longer for “Primo”

  • open jar at least once every day or 2 to release humidity and provide fresh air for a stronger cure, and to be “proactive”, against mold & mildew. Happy Growing!


Hi Latewood, Thank you very much thats great, it was saying 404 error, thank you.


Hi Will, Thanks I will look at pics and thanks for the tip on harvest.


Any time David anytime.

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Hi Will, Hope you had a good night. I was reading Robert’s book last night about the harvest, he says when the trichomes look ready we must harvest quickly so how do i work out when to flush?. Thanks.

Take care.



No worries. Happy Growing :slight_smile: