Growing in Pumice

I found three seeds in a bag I purchased. Figured it would be a good time to test how a grow would go if I tested pumice as a medium.

What I did was first cut a piece of fabric and made sure to cover the bottom of the container with it. The fabric is about seven to eight inches long. Then I poured pumice into half of the container. Once half the container was full I folded the rest of the fabric cloth over the pumice. I then put a mix of peat moss with vermiculite over the fabric cloth. As you will see I placed an eight ounce cup upside-down on top of the soil. Filled the cup with more peat moss vermiculite mix. Finally, I poured pumice around the cup for stability. The cloth is there to provide water to the soil from the bottom of the container. All I do is fill the bottom up with water about a half inch to an inch and it waters itself. Once I notice there is little to no water, I fill it up, again.

I will keep updating this post as time goes on. Thanks for reading.


Had to separate these Two from the girls before they get to big.