Growing in promix, runoff is 5.2


I’m using filtered, ph adjusted 6.0 water to raise runoff. One gallon into flush (I’m pouring in one small cup at a time) ph meter now reads 5.0. Could the ph down be the culprit or am I jus getting an idea of what the center of the container really is. I have heard of putting a much higher ph in to compensate quicker but I want the top to be around 6 as well. This whole flushing thing is new to me. @pigSquishy, @Paranorman, @latewood I would ask more people but I can’t think of their names. :slight_smile:


you have the right idea this is why I say flush slowly lets water saturate and what comes out is far closer to what’s at root zone I would raise ph of water 6.3-6.5 check result after you are definitely on the right track


rjw 71_

Well if your adding ph down to your 6 .0 water then. Your answer I yes .
Stop adding pH downkust flush with the 6.0 wastet



Water is 6.0 after adjusting. Sorry I could have worded that better.


Yes, I want to put a little higher ph to it so maybe this won’t take so long but will ph on the top still end up around 6.0 ?


Well 1 1/2 gallons later and I’m getting a 5.1 reading.


how large is pot? and plant in what stage is she at ?
and yes using water with higher ph will raise ph but lets see if we can find any other reasons it may be so low


I would pH it at 6.8 or even 7.0, then once I got what I wanted I would run my last gallon through at about 6.5, give or take

I also like to raise or turn down my lights or put plant to the side for a day or two after flush
-good luck


I just want you to rule out underlying issues that may be causing the drop no sense flushing if you need a transplant would just create extra stress best done all at one time


not arguing the method just don’t have all the info yet to make sure it’s treating not increasing problem :wink:


Thanks for the tip.


I pre mix three cat litter containers ( four gallons each) and let them bubble over night. Well, three gallons through the first bucket I realized I had forgotten to adjust ph. As I panicked I stuck the ph meter in and it said 4.7. That’s what I get for burning one while waiting for the lights to come on. So I used three gallons of just filtered water (ph of 8) then I continued with mix at ph of 6.1 until I started getting runoff. Then I extracted the runoff. I did get a reading of 5.4 then but I thought it was because of the dirty drip pan’s influence.


Reading what you said originally; I also recommend you mixing your water at 6.5-7.0 in order to balance you PH.

One note. If you are adding properly PH’d water and the plant is doing well; Don’t worry about it. If you are having issues due to the PH being off, it is best to try and balance the PH. :slight_smile:


That makes sense, thank you. Running all this water through is bringing my temp down.


Hey Paranorman. Will my plant suffer if her roots get down to 60 degrees or lower ?


This would mean I could use less chemicals and water to balance things out without flushing all of the ecology I’ve got going on. Thanks again.


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Thanks pigSquishy, I have finished with plant #1 of six. First one had 64 degree runoff. I hope that’s not too bad.


Thanks to everyone. Pheww, I think I’m going to get through this alright. :slight_smile:


Hey there @garrigan62. I put 8 gals through each seven gallon pot. Now that the runoff is 5.8 will she pick up potassium that is still in the medium ? Or should I not wait for medium to dry and add nutes now.