Growing in PR at high temp and high humidity

Hi my name is Pikiki from PR.

Our climate is hot and humid.
I starting germinating some seeds in 2x2 tent but I dont have a climate control unit.
Mean that humidity is around 65%-80%
Temp is around 84°
I found a place to make this grow outdoors.

How can this seedling stage at this readings(%.°)
Will affect the development of the plants?

Also did the plants will survive this high temp?

Thank you for the help…

The plants will most likely be great once they’re established.
The difficulty might be in flower. High humidity can wreak havoc on big fat buds. Boytritis, white powdery mildew…
What strain are you growing? Sativas would be best suited to your climate.


And thank you.
Autoflowers… Blueberry, Amnezia n Northen light.
Ohh one Doc Holliday… (Regular)
I will suplement light to complete 18 hrs of light for the DH. Here we dont have long days…

Thank you

If you’re keeping the plants in moveable containers, keep them out of the rain when the buds get bigger.


Can I ask you why?

What about a cover like those for shade?

Or better in containers ?

I believe @Drinkslinger was recommending you try to keep the rain off the buds to help prevent mold and rot

A shade screen would help keep rain off the plants but will allow some rain to get threw

Your temps and humidity will be fine in veg as he mentioned high humidity can be a issue in mid to late flower

If you can use a fan to keep air moving threw and around the canopy

And Welcome to the Forum @Pikiki420


Great got it…
Thank you guys will keep it posted

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i m a dumb American redneck, where is PR.?
''short days… high temps and humidity" that is no where i m familiar with.!

the first 2-3 weeks keep them cool during mid day, the hottest time,
after that they will flourish in your area.!!

like Drink and Country said, keep them dry from mid flower until harvest.!

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@SlowOldGuy Puerto Rico… :puerto_rico:


In the Caribbean Sir…
Thanks for the advice. Wer working on the plan to execute it Thursday.
Fix the area and start with the cover for the plants.

Great to be here…very helpfull community