Growing in perlight?

I wanted to ask is perlite an ok medium for my inside babies?
Also I am going to purchase Robert’s gold leaf kit, my question is , how do i tell when to alter my nutrient for the right stage of growth, seedlings is easy but when do i actually switch the nutrients for the next stage?

I start them in ag grade perlite/25% (coarse) vermiculite (clone or seed) then transplant to 100% perlite.
I use my own mix from purified and food grade chemical compounds.


If you use say Fox Farm Nutrients they say basically beginning, middle and final weeks.
So all you need to know when it starts flowering and how long the general guideline of the weeks it does and bam, you k ow when to add each type of nutrient.

Great , Ithankx mate. Me being a learner, do you think that the gold leaf would be within my capability, or should I start with an easier grow?

I’ve never grown it but White Widow is a pretty easy plant to grow. It was my first one. I haven’t ordered seeds from here as I already have a huge stock pile before joining.

Smart man. Seeds are not exactly cheap, but it’s the only place I know of that guarantees delivery.

Look at the thread…mix and match strains. Look closely.

@Andycad … welcome to the forum

G-Day, thanks for the welcome mate. At the moment I am stuck, out of the 6 states and 2 territories, only 1 territory has legalised, being the ACT -Australian Capital territory, just last week. I am in Victoria, so I can’t get any here. Plus I don’t know anyone who could get some, I guess I just have to wait for legislation here, or wait till my babies grow up , I have 3 About 1 month old.

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