Growing in Nevada (Climate and such?)

I was wondering what the climate is in the Nevada area as it’s legal to grow there? I’m moving there to-morrow !!! Hopefully I can get some insight im moving to fernely !!


Dry and hot, it’s mostly desert.

I think @Growit lives there

I see you’re moving to Fernley. It does get a bit warm in July. If you do grow outside in summer, supply a little shade midday and water a lot if the temperature gets above 85.

I think you could grow anything outside during summertime. Forget about winter: They get frost and snow. You can grow anything you want inside with air conditioning and heat. You just need to pay for electricity.

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Nevada has a law that won’t allow you to grow if you live within 25 miles of a retail store or dispensary. My brother lives in Carson City and looked into it. Probably gonna have to be a stealth grow…


Fernley is a good area to grow because it stays warmer at nights than, say, Carson City which is close to the mountains. The big problems will be wind and heat. You need to stake the plants well and have shade cloth to keep them cool.

You should be over 25 miles from Reno, which has the closest dispensary. If you have a medical card you can always find a legal loophole to grow.

As for outside grows, they should be in an enclosed, secure area not visible by the general public.

I use a 6x12x6 cage made from 6x6 chain link fence panels that clamp together. One of them has a gate with a lock. If you are paranoid about thieves, you can clamp two more panels on top to enclose it.