Growing in living soil

I’m totally a believer in living soil now. My expense was high at the beginning but growing is so much easier, at least for me. I grow in 4x4s on casters so I can rotate them. Zero runoff checks and no pH water checks needed. All I do is add in a organic sprinkle to the top of the dirt during flower and I water these girls with the hose. I used to grow a fox farms Ocean Forest but after multiple grows and needing to buy new dirt all the time I said let’s make the change. it’s really cool to see all of the compost worms doing their thing. When I harvest I cut the stock back and mulch in the root system and let it decompose naturally. Here’s some plants around 45 days into growing. I just switched them when they hit a certain height to flower. Very simple growing method and always seem to get a ton of bud with low stress training.


Very very nice!!! :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:

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Yeah man, just think fertile forest floor, with all those mushrooms and worms and leaves. Soil is like a fine wine, or at least that’s what I’ve read haha

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Nice looking plants

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I reuse my soil each grow and it only seems to get better. I have my outdoors bags outside to overwinter and reuse.

I love just having to water and relax. My first grow with inorganic made me a nervous wreck.