Growing in Houston


Hi there! I new to the forum and growing. I live in Houston where it tends to be hot and humid June through October. I was trying to start growing outdoors. I am looking for an autoflower strain that can survive the heat and fight the humidity. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Northern Lights and White Widow autos grow fine outdoors. Blueberry might, but I can’t even get them to grow right indoors @Izzy. I’m 140 miles west of you. It gets hot here too. It’s not the heat so much as the rain that will be a problem. Especially when they’re in flower.


Thanks @skgrower. I was really worried I didn’t want mother nature to kill my babies. My first grows were indoors were I could control heat and humidity.


Oh and welcome to the forum. It’s much more friendly than others out there.


I live in middle Georgia; rain, humidity and high heat are an issue for me but I was able to get a really good harvest off my middle of summer outdoor grow of White Widow Autos. Beware the bud rot, it was a major problem for everyone this year.

I would highly recommend fabric grow bags over plastic planters and nothing smaller than 5 gal. I💓GM has a buy 10 get 10 deal on WWA currently. You will need a digital PH and TDS (total dissolved solids) meter, along with a loupe for checking trichome color at harvest.

Flowering starts 30 days after sprout, you can FIM but topping is not recommended. FIM is done when you have 4 or 5 leaf nodes. I would highly recommend Light Stress Training (LST).

Best advise I can give you, have plenty of patience.

Welcome and happy growing!!


If this weather, then I would advise to put a greenhouse, as it will not be easy to grow in the open air, and you will always need to monitor the plant. Think about it.