Growing in hot attic

This is the first time growing started nov 10 2021 seeds were collected from buds i smoked have no clue what strains they are im in new york and its getting hot. I have this set up in the attic shiuld i be worried about the rise in temp ? Am i doin something wrong here ? Plants look healthy but not sure ?


Your plants look great but soon that attic will not work… I’m in NY and I’m actually surprised it’s not to cold now for it. I know in spring my attic can reach upward of 100f if your able you might want to consider the basement for spring and summer . The only issue there would be humidity and a good dehumidifier will do wonders to fix that.
Stay lifted :grin:


I’m also in NY, second the basement suggestion.

Great looking grow, but you should have went to a 12/12 schedule about a month ago. You’re going to have to figure something else out.

If that’s not possible, your best bet is to run your lights on at night, so you’re not adding to the problem.

You’re looking at 8 weeks bare minimum, call it 10, so end of May, beginning of June. If we get a little taste of summer they’re gonna fry up there. Not only 100 degrees, it’s also going to be bone dry.


Hey @Skinmiaster they look great. If you don’t already then I’d turn your light to 12x12.
Get some air circulation from the outside so you have it ready if it gets too hot.


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Might as well go ahead and either pipe in ac or install a room ac but before I did that I would at least enclose the spot they are in from the rest of the attic. Someone didn’t think this through.

Thanks so temp dropped plus i added better airflow switched lights to 12x12 thank you guys for the help

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