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I am growing in a glass greenhouse in Oakland CA USA. I have only the sun for light and no way of controlling the amount of light per day. What is my best option for growing 3-4 crops per year? I purchased OG Kush and am waiting for the seeds, Did i make the right choice or should I use auto flowering? Right now I have cutting from a club in Oakland in the room, they were taken from flowering plants and in 5 weeks they just keep flowering. But back to my main question, what is my best option for my little glass house using seeds from ILGM seeds:? Thanks for any help I recieve, I am really excited to watch it grow!:–)

without any control over environment; You would have limited grow windows. At least I believe that Oakland get’s cold at some point in the year. A little more info about your environment and grow techniques would allow us to give you a more informed answer :slight_smile:

I am a clean slate in regards to technics flying by the seat of my pants. The environment doesn’t get too cold and I could put a heater in the room. Yea I guess I get it. Without any control over the light I’m at the mercy of however many hours the sunshine’s on the house. Do do even the auto flowering seeds need to be induced into flowering with timing of the light per day? I’m a bit perplexed. Just want it to work. Trying to load a couple pictures of what I have going on.

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If they are auto flowering, no you don’t need to change the light schedule I do not believe, and you can’t stop the flowering either. Are they rooted cuttings? I don’t think a lot of people don’t take clones from AF strains.

Yes the cuttings were rooted when we bought them. But s couple weeks after roots developed they started flowering. I’m waiting for them to snap into vegetative state. Not sure they will. The lil buds on these plants are pungent and sticky. Just trying to develop a plan to get the most out of my little tiny outdoor greenhouse.

If they are clones from an AF plant you can’t stop the flowering. If they are clones from reg plants that started to flower you can get them back to veg if you give a lot of light as in 24 hours or i think 18/6 will work not sure. I just use 24 till they start vegging then lower to 18/6. Good luck

Thanks I appreciate you taking the time to try and help. I probably had I known should have got some auto flower seeds and set the room up like that because I can’t regulate the amount of light. I can’t really put a light in my greenhouse because it will light up my canyon like a beacon at night :frowning: again thanks for your help.

I think they were to much into flowering to get them to veg, I also don’t think you have enough to stop it anyways. I might be wrong on the 5 weeks, but you need longer light time. I have one that I did that was starting to flower and got it back to veg, trying the monster cropping. I will post a pic later today

I don’t believe the light issue is as bad as you think. The only thing that nay happen is that they finish faster. Right now; Days are getting longer and that is natural. No big deal.

I use a small radiant oil filled heater. About 40 bucks at Wally’s Very gentle to the plants and you can dial it in. :smile:
Like this:

Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I’m installing a 4 foot LED light today, I’m going to set the lineup on a timer so that between the light and the sun I get eighteen hours. Best I can do turn the light on at 4 AM leave it on until the sun takes over should give me 18 hours a light. Again I’m flying by the seat of my pants I do have seeds coming OG Kush. The cuttings that were budding might not get back to veg. Again thanks for your help. Just want to have fun watching them grow using a minimum amount of electricity :slight_smile:

Yes I’m going for auto flower seeds next

I have to suggest an HID lamp that runs hotter than the LED. You have cold issues. LED lamps are cool. If you want to heat the space for less; Use an HId lamp; which runs hotter, and can heat the grow space.

Going to have to stick with the led so my clear roof glass wall room doesn’t glow like a space ship. I drive a mile away looked up the hill ( I live bordering a canyon )and the led looked like a a flood light on the hill. A halide light would be much brighter. I will add the small heater to keep chill off the room at night. I set the light to supplement the sun for 24 hours combined light. I still doubt the flowering clones snap back into veg. What do you think.

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FYI it’s 50 degrees in the room at night and gets plenty warm when the sun is shining. This is with no heater.

View of greenhouse with canyon in background.


OMG … Rog … you sure are on the side of a hill. Great set-up. I can see why you don’t want to have lights burning at night. My plants are outside without a heater. The lows have been in the 50’s and climbing here in southwest Virginia. They get lots of sunshine during the day.

What a view. I don’t think it’s possible to get AF strains out of flowering once it has begun. Do you know for sure what strain it is? I’m not a pro but I also have read that plants can only take in so much light, so a 24 hour cycle might just be a waste of electricity for you. If these are truly AF I would put all your effort into getting the biggest harvest that I can rather than messing with the light cycle… That’s just my opinion though.

Beautiful Place.,

I lived in Oakland year’s ago dose Nile canyon ring a bell


Those clones look really good, you might end up with popsicles but this is probably gonna be a great learning experience, it was for me.