Growing in Cow poo


Hey guys and gals! So, lately I have had the pleasure of LEGALLY be able to hunt for shrooms. And occasionally, some are found in poop that are completely covered in good healthy mycelium. When I do come across them, ill bag the dung and take it home, to get the last few flushes of fruit. I bring it to my shed, usually between 75-95 degrees Fahrenheit, and 75%-85% RH. I have a regular led house bulb on a 6 hour timer, and a oscillating fan, that’s set to comes on 3 times a day, for 15 minutes.

But… Unfortunately though, all good things must come to an end. Now I’m left with poop that no longer grows even the mycelium. With shrooms being a fungus, and a fungus being a decomposed by nature, does the mycelium die because it has consumed all the nutrients? Or does a decomposing organism even need nutrients to survive? I don’t think that a ppm meter would be effective to measure runoff, as there being too many factors. With it being older (as shrooms don’t grow in fresh dung) it doesn’t smell. Has anyone tried growing pot in the older poop that hasn’t been mixed with soil? Maybe a perlite mix, flush the hell out of it, bake it to sterilize and use it in place of coco?


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:thinking:… I for sure can tell you that they need to eat… not sure what , other then more poop… :wink:
How many cycles did you get out of one pile of poop… ?



No clue on that one, buddy. I am one of those who has never even partaken. But they can’t be much different from any other living thing, right? Maybe this can help:

And I’m coming across brown rice flower a lot as a “food” for the mycelium, and the caps.

The internet and technology in general are awesome. I just learned more about shrooms in a few minutes googling than I’ve learned the rest of my life.


Well I got three flushes out of the last one. Each batch was smaller. As of right now I’m attempting a small poop that had three big mushrooms on it, and dunked it for 24 hours in distilled water, and surrounded it with more that’s from the same field in a jar. Hoping to colonize it.


Thank you for the link. Ill give it a look I’ve learned alot also from Google. The pf tek, amongst a few others. The main concern though is that AFTER I use up the good stuff in the dung (for the shrooms) would it be suitable for use as a coco-type hydroponic application? Does it maintain a ph? Does it hold nutrients? How fast does it break down? Would it draw bugs? I was curious if anyone has tried using the cow poop without it being a composted growing medium? I kinda rambled on about the mushroom part, making the initial post look as if it were about shrooms. My apologies. I suppose I could do a test run outside with a small clone I have, and let it go to flower. It would be a small harvest I’m sure, seeing the veg season is coming to an end.


I know @ThcinKC uses manure. He can probably help you out! :+1:


I dont partake as well. But i can say interesting. To high to google rn. But im watching. Someone bump me tomaro :joy:


I have grown lot’s of shrooms you need to get small wide mouth kerr or ball jars get Brown rice flour and vermiculite you need to be able to set up a double boiler on the stove. Everything has to be sterile so 91% alcohol and whipe everything down. You need distilled water to you mix the brow rice flour and vermiculite together then add water it will be a little wetter than a moist dough fill the jars up to the last quarter inche and top off with vermiculite put lid on boil for 45 minutes then set aside to cool down. You need 2 or 3 three syringes that take a metal tip that is at least 2 inches long. Let one of your shrooms go till it opens up and cracks you will see a purple dust on the gills cut the top off put in a sterile jar and use your syringe with distilled water and wash the gills out till you have a black ink looking water . Then take a clean nail and put 4 holes in the lid and squeeze out a quarter teaspoons while pulling the syringe out for each hole then store in a dark place like a closet but leave the door cracked for just a little bit of sunshine to get in. In about 2 weeks you will a white covered jar with red spots you have baby shrooms then. Now birth your cake turn the jar over and tap it on the table and unscrew the lid and tap it again and the glass jar usually comes off. You need a 20 gallon aquarium and a fish bubbler a piece of lexan place your cake in there on leave it on the lid spray the aquarium with distilled water set a Tupperware container to one side and put the air stone in 8oz of distilled water and set the lexan diagonally in there and put a lid on and lea about a inch open for airflow and just a little sunshine turn your blinds to almost halfway and watch them grow i will put the measurements up after i get off work. Store your spore syringes in a dark place or drawer that doesn’t get used. Hope this helps


Sorry i just got my coffee and yes you can yse that in mixed in with your soil it is better to get the stuff cleaned out of a barn because you want the stuff that has urine on it to. This is for soil i don’t know how to mix if your using coco but i would just use it as top dressing if using that. In my 5 gallon air pots i mix my pro mix with 1 cup of earth worm casting and i use a little hand held shovel and add 2 or 3 scoops of manure and mix it all together really good i wear gloves and break down the manure with my hands really good before mixing with the pro mix i found that pig poop brings out the terpins usually i get cow and chicken manure mixed together i add 1 1/2 shovel of pig and 1 shovel of cow and chicken manure mixed together then when I start adding nutrients at a quarter strength and work up to half strength and that is all i need. In the 3rd week of flower i will take a skinny screwdriver and softly push it in the soil all the way down to the bottom of the pot and make it oval to open the soil and then top dress with pig manure.I make 6 holes 1 inch in from the edge of the pot with the screwdriver. Hope this helps you im harvesting today and will post on here i will tag you if you are interested.


Always interested in a tag! But I’m curious if the poop can be flushed, sterilized, and used as a hydroponic medium? Without including soil or other manure.


I would try it out with a single 5 gallon bucket. If you get fresh poop lay it out on a silver tarp so the sun will bake it and that gets rid of the unwanted stuff and basically just make a tea with it put in a fine mesh bag and a cycle water through it and that becomes you nutrients and add to your resavior and you will have to add a some nutrients here and there but on the plus side is that this will be very educational you will learn so much from just playing around just use a bag seed and see what you get i bet you would be amazed with what you get research what is in each type of manure so you can plan out your tea


I’ve never seen it used as a primary medium, but my dad always mixed in manure from his cows.

We’d walk the 12 acres bagging up all the dried piles and turn in a generous portion at each planting site. That man grew monsters that were sticky enough to make a cured bud stick to the wall! Verified fact!

I agree with trying it to find out. I’m not sure that using it as a stand alone soil would be a good idea.

You can determine which mix would be best for you, but I’ve been considering your thought as I’ve read down. I would break all the chips down really small, but not quite to dust. Add an equal amount of course perlite. Double what you have by mixing in broken down oak leaves. Get everything moist and let it sit for a day. Fill your containers and drop some worms in however many containers you are able to fill. Place the seed or clone and ride out!

This is just the thought that came to mind. I don’t really know the nutrient composition of what I just described, but it seems it could be a good starting point. You would the have to watch the plants to see if they show a lack/abundance of anything. Hmm…add some oak ash into the mix as well.

I’m not sure how helpful this will be for you, but it’s the best I can come up with at the moment.

Keep us posted on the progress you make. I’m also trying to get to where I don’t have to buy anything for growing top notch smoke.


Even if you could sterilize cow manure it won’t stay sterile for long. You can’t remove the organic matter that will ultimately – probably very quickly – attract the numerous beasties that feed on it. And the wonderful aroma will return :sunglasses:. One thing to consider is that the mycelium has imparted very good microbes in the manure. Maybe take advantage of those by amending soil with the manure and growing your plants in that? Of course, if you’re really curious about using the manure as some form of hydroponic medium, experiment away. Maybe have a good amount of air freshener on hand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


I’m gonna give it a shot. Maybe sometime this weekend ill be able to grab enough poop. Ill definitely do it outside because of the insect and smell factor. Ill get some fresh perlite and mix it up. Try it out as a basic medium and after I flush it ill add some nutes I have extra of. (General hydroponics) and throw a small clone in it. Worse comes to I can always mix up with more organics and try again. Who knows, maybe a random shroom will join the grow!


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Make sure that the manure has set out side in the sun for about 2 weeks at least. I get a cheap silver tarp and spread it out on that and wet it down with the hose a couple times and the smell is usually pretty much gone it helps to flush a little bit with the hose for the nitrogen and calcium the urine puts in it. You sound like your off to a great start adding just a little blood meal goes along way to it’s like giving your plants a shot of roids. Take measurements before you feed each time to document what is working