Growing in coco coir/perlite and vermiculite custom mix using Gorilla Glue auto flowering seeds?

If autoflowering seeds should go directly into the container you plan on it finishing but I’m having a hard time trusting that its going to stay moist enough for the seeds to not dry out. I’ve got them in a cup of water for about 15 hours now and no roots yet. My question is should I put them in a root riot cube or is there something else that can help me in this process?

Time. It takes time.

And you’re probably more apt to over-water, than under, a seedling.

I use rapid rooters, myself.

Yup takes tome to germinate.

N i start plants in starter trays and solo cups.

Since u have autos, just be sure to transplant up before they rootbound… should be fine

This is my first grow and I have the same exact strain… I transplanted her at 3.5 weeks and she did just fine with it… not telling you that you should… do what makes you comfortable but that’s my experience with my GG auto planted in coco coir and perlite…

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Just went through this with my seeds- also a beginner growing GG autos and found it to be almost impossible to get a plant past the beginning of seedling stage when putting it straight into its final pot. Too much space and very hard to get the watering right, over-watering is almost inevitable.

We switched to Rockwool cubes in a propagation setup and haven’t looked back. We put those, cube and all, into their final pots once the seedlings are a couple weeks old and strong enough to do their thing. Just our experience but hope it helps!


What’s your mixture ratio of the three? The plants I have going right now were started in coco with about 20% vermiculite. It would have been difficult to over water watering once per day. But I don’t feel like you should have an issue with not having enough water either. Feed a good amount slowly in a ring around the seedling. If it looks like it’s doing well make your ring bigger and increase the volume of solution.

If you’re not successful, maybe consider going to straight coco, or at least backing off of the perlite and vermiculite. Another thing to consider, coco grows done well are really fast, so a transplant from something like a party cup to final pot probably wouldn’t kill you. Just be gentle and hit it with something to help with transplant shock.

I use rapid rooters or just plain coco & perlite to germinate in. Both have worked well. Here’s a good article on fertigation seedlings in coco