Growing in buckets or ground?

Questions from a fellow grower:

I’m in southern Oklahoma USA. Our summers can be hot and humid. Temps in upper 90’s during the summer (June, July, August). I’m going to grow outside. I can’t decide if I want to grow my white widow in 5 gallon buckets or in the ground. I’m worried about the buckets getting too hot and drying out. I thought about digging a nice “hole” in ground and filling it with a quality potting soil/compost mix and planting directly in ground instead of buckets. Suggestions?

Hi, I grow outside in the desert in so ca. I have a grow area that is protected with green shade cloth to stop the wind beating up the plants. The heat is hard on them. I think the buckets would get to hot but I have never tried them. I bought about 15 bags of fox farms ocean. Run a rotor tiller to loosen up the ground, then I put cinder blocks 2 high around to hold the fox farm stuff. 5 plants, turned out great.

You are taking a big chance planting directly to ground. A better idea would be to start them in a small pot4-6", or a SOLO cup with a couple small holes (a hot 16p nail does just fine), near the bottom for drainage

After you see that you have viable plants; You can make a more informed decision on what to transplant into. :slight_smile:

The successful outside growers I know start real small, and transplant as needed, or, by a predetermined schedule. Something like this.

Starter cube. after approx. 2 weeks from seed; 4" pot, or a 1 gallon pot. These size pots will allow for optimum root growth, and each time you transplant, you will have used less grow medium and have a stronger plant. When you go to, too big a container at the start; You waste a lot of medium, and end up wasting approx. 1/2 of your soil investment, because the roots grow down before they grow out. Force them to fill your container before transplanting. Then when ready to move outside. your plant will thrive due to a stronger root foundation. :slight_smile:


Can I start them outside? I don’t want anything complicated inside

I gave you my advice. Go ahead and do this grow as you wish. If you have problems you can post an issue and we will help you.

When I 1st started growing I researched for 4-5 months before I ever posted in the forum I studied at. The topic I studied the most after figuring out that simple growing is not that hard; Unless you complicate it, was; This is an important note for all new growers; Especially those in states where MJ is totally illegal.

The most secure place to grow MJ is inside a building that you control as a private domain. No one can come into your private domain without a s3archwarrant. One cannot be issued without eyewitness accounts of your grow.

'nuff said

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I am sorry. Yes. You can just plant them outside. You will learn a lot on this 1st grow. :slight_smile:

I intend to start them in a small pot but then transplanting them into the soil. But the small pots will be outside. I live on a pretty secluded farm. So I’m not too worried, plus I’m only planting 3 plants this first time. I bought more seeds but don’t want to bite off more than I can chew this first time. Hopefully I won’t kill all 3. lol