Growing in basement in MA - what else do you use?


Im trying to get advice from people in my area (New England or MA more specifically) on what additional things Im gonna need for a basement grow.
It can get cold but I’ll be running HIDs to start so there will be heat from that. I run a dehumidifier in the basement 100% of the time anyway, I’ll just drop the RH from 70 to 50 or whatever is best. Do you use heaters for the night cycle? Do you require AC in the summer?
Chime in with anything or everything you think would be good for me. Thanks!

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I am not in the NE but we do get some similar weather. A lot will depend on your tent/structure as to what you will need. What do you plan to grow in? I have a room we converted (more like a large closet). I think insulation will be key for you, unless you have your grow set up in a temp controlled room.

I do a basement grow and am always fighting the humidity. I have a room we converted (well, more like a large storage closet.) The temps seem to be pretty stable, but we did run a small duct into the grow room (roughly 3.5 X 3.5 X 8 (tall) for heating and cooling. Humidity always seems to be an issue for me. I would suggest you invest in a temp/humidity monitor (I have one that links to an app on my phone so I don’t have to always run downstairs to check things)

You will want your humidity running higher in the beginning stages (seedling and veg) then in flower it can be lower.

The lights I use are MH 400watts for veg and HPS 400 watts for flower. They do add some heat, but I suspect that they will not be enough to keep the room warm enough to grow over the winter.

Ask me in the spring :wink:


Hey welcome to ilgm, lotsa great people and someone always has an answer for whatever problem or question you may have.
These plants are pretty vigorous and can take some abuse, but ideally you want the tent to be basically room temperature. All basement are different I am lucky mine is heated and ac unfinished walk out . Temperature doesn’t fluctuate much. Yes I added a small humidifier last winter and a dehumidifier this summer…as far as your needs, you wanna have a water source and several plugs for power. Always ph your water after nutes to 6.5, get a good 50$ ph pen from amazon and always adjust your water to 6.5
Don’t love your plants too much let them dry out once or twice do not over water
Keep reading here and ask questions we will help you
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@Patsbasement said it well :+1: I grew in a shed this last grow but grew in a basement and mine was similar to patsbasement


I grow in basement but I built rooms specifically to grow…when you want to switch to 12/12 for flower you want to make sure there are no light leaks anywhere dehumidifier, powerstrip anywhere there is any light…you should sit in the room with all lights out for at least 15 minutes so your eyes adjust and it should be total darkness if not any leaks should be fixed…you should have fans for good air circulation a thermometer/hygrometer to monitor room temp and humidity…its going to get stinky so a charcoal filter will be needed with inline fan to vent out window or set up to “scrub” air in room…you can go bare minimum or all out it depends on how much money you want to spend…happy growing :+1:


Hey x did those responses answer some of your questions? @Countryboyjvd1971 is our hvac expert and can answer any question on that subject…
Like @WillyJ kinda said you can do this on almost any budget but there is some essential equipment needed and you can always add as you go along
Hope that helps


Central Ma basement grow. Started with a small 2’x4’x60" Vivosun tent and have outgrown that after just one run… The tent has been relegated to a starter pit now that we built our grow room.

All of these guys are spot on with their suggestions on A/C and/or heating ventilation - and @Countryboyjvd1971 is the ilgm HVAC guy he can tell you if your on track there. I would suggest hitting up @dbrn32 for lighting suggestions based on what you want to grow and get out of your room.

Here’s a snap of our new basement grow room: 5.5’x6.5’x88" high.

  • two circuits dedicated to this room
  • two pvc light/hardware bars
  • three walls lined with 1" thick hardboard foil-faced insulation
  • concreate wall and floor are painted extra bright white
  • 10" 10,000rpm muffin fan (Intake for fresh air)
  • 4" iPower fan/carbon filter - duct runs out into my garage (190cfm - room is ~210sq ft)
  • 5000btu A/C - it hardly ever comes on when set at 75 degrees…
  • 300w GalaxoHydro LED
  • 300x ViperSpectra
  • (4) 4’ T5 6500k LED Tubes
  • Scrog net - 30" from the floor…


Light Bar

seven healthy girls

Best decision I’ve made so far was NOT going to a bigger tent.

I’ve got five autos finishing under a ViperSpectra 450w LED in the tent now - should be finishing up within the next week or so.

Good luck with your grow room!



I’m here if needed @xDeeTeRx


Geez, the little things you don’t think of. Do you electric tape over the light on the power strip or are your power strips outside the grow room? My power cables won’t reach outside the tent.


@Tylan I had a tower fan I removed base and hung in tent it had lights on display so I put black duct tape in I did realize that the light also leaked into blower section of fan until I found serdscand was trying to figure out why :scream::scream:
It’s a good idea when firstvsetting up to do a dry run
Stand in tent or room for a little while after light out and check for light sources more important in flower than veg but easier to deal with when you have a empty room or tent
So yeah so much to think about


I am in central mass and my grow tent is in my basement. I use LEDs and had to add a small oil radiator heater during the late spring to get the ambient temp up - I killed 6 clones before I took that step. :frowning:

The basement stays cool enough in the summer. But for winter I will definitely need that heater.


I have a wood stove in another room downstairs. It will be a battle between the grow room a/c and the stove heating the house…:first_quarter_moon:

Always cool to hear from other NE growers.
Best of luck as the temps drop…


Yes, I used the black duct tape on all of the indicator lights (fans/power strips etc.). Then used a combo of reflective window seal and/or reflective tape on all wall/floor seams.

Best advice is to be inside the sealed tent/room with lights out inside but lots of light on outside. You’ll be surprised to see how much can leak thru.

Good luck!