Growing in an old well


A question from a fellow grower:

I am considering growing in an old well.(bottom is dry) It is 12’ down and 6’ wide.(with only a 24" hole) A porch floor will cover the top but I will be able to vent to the outside from a 3" pipe in the side. I do have an electric outlet in the well. There dose seem to be a lot of moisture(humidity)but I am thinking a muffin fan in the pipe for air venting. Do you see any problems that I should be aware of and what size light do you recommend. I am thinking at this time of only 3 plants. Thank you for your help


If you are only growing a few plants a 600w hid would suffice and I don’t see many issues with growing in a hole in the ground aside from and entrance temps would be pretty constant and insects may be present but hell who knows?


Our fellow grower had some more questions about this:

I am the one asking about starting plants in a underground well. (12’ tall x 6’ wide) I believe a 600 hid would work well for 3-4 plants but the hole to enter is only 24” round. This hole is covered by a wooden hatch that seals pretty good but being that we inhabit the room above I am thinking that we will need to exhaust to the outside. There is a 4” cast iron pipe exiting the well( about 10’ up) to the outside, under the floor, that I can get to via a crawl space.
I also have electricity run for a muffin fan or something to move air up and out if needed.( I have only one outlet in the hole and I am wondering if 600 watts and a fan will blow circuits.)
The floor of the old well is dry but I am guessing the well is still pretty humid. I am researching what plants would grow best in these conditions and how I would get them out once grown for harvest. The temperature is constant (50 degrees F)should I be concerned about overheating when I add the lights?