Growing GSCX autos take a look, newbie @h

Beautiful thanks for the tag set to watching

What’s up KingKupa, your numbers shouldn’t vary by 200-300 of what’s going in to what’s coming out. You be got a mix of coco and soil and finding a PH sweet spot will be a little tricky but your PH seems good. When coco is allowed to dry the mineral salts can build up in the root zone given you those high numbers and could lead to lock out. On your run off test did you catch the 1st bit of water or the last? For testing your nutrient concentration you catch the 1st bit of water, testing the last of the run off is testing PH and used in flushing. Coco should be frequently watered/fed to run off to prevent that drying build up. I would water only several times and check the 1st bit of run off for the optimum numbers. She looks good and this will be a way to lower those and not loose a lot of beneficial microbes from flushing :love_you_gesture:

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Thank y’all, ok OGIncognito did not know about test first water out, but I have only test run off 2 just got the pens, I was letting all run off collect, then test, but next time will catch what’s comes out first, separate the rest , thank u thank u will post run off in a few days

@Kingkupa Pardon the intrusion, but I’ve been following this thread. Brand new grower. Grew feminized seeds outdoor but planning on growing autos next. Is there anything I should do differently? And what is the molasses for? Never heard of that!!!

Your plants look awesome!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

GA Peach lost in this new adventure.


Tula no intrusion what so ever, I’m sorry I’m new too , the only big difference I know it that autos u don’t need to change ur light cycle, been running my light pretty much 18/6 19/5 on off. As long as you hit ur DLI u should be good. Like I said I’m new but a lot great people will see and help u along

Also Black strap molasses add a table spoon I think need to double check, to a gallon mix and feed, has a sh## ton of good stuff to help out micros in soil have read, tag this guy he told me @Eli this guys knows


Hey man - looking good!

  • I would change your light cycle to 20/4 - what type of lights, led? How many watts? Distance from plant?

  • On the Unsulfured Molasses - I use 1-2 tbls per gallon.

  • Are you adding a bloom fertilizer at this point? I use the below-

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Eli awesome thanks, so I have feed no Nutes, only once I had some stuff for garden 8-16-8 gave at 1/2 dose, running a viparspec xs1500 153 watts in my 27,27 . Cut back from 20/4 to 19/5 average ppfd around 600 and my DLI reading are 45-50 so thats y I cut back, light around 22-24 inches from top of soil, Not canopy,
Have about 30$ extra was going to stop at a local shop today to try to get some cal mag or bloom booster. CANT ORDER anything my wife is pissed, already way over budget, so pay cash lol
Have a 48x48 on way, also have sf-1000 light to add when tent arrives. thanks


Molasses aids in many ways. The soil will break the sugar down into carbohydrates which feed the beneficial microbes, the soil microbes then produce oxygen for bigger plants :love_you_gesture:


@Eli I’m going to try molasses. New one on me. Thanks!

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@Kingkupa what is DLI. Eventually, I hope to understand all of this.

@OGIncognito my plants are in organic soil, and I haven’t been testing ph as often as I should, evidently. I should be testing last of the runoff?? Well, I’ve been doing it a**-backwards!!

Should there be runoff each time I water or only when flushing?

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Good stuff man - made my babies perk up quickly!

Just got some organic Sucanat as well - going to try it out on my next feeding.

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Daily light integral (DLI) describes the number of photosynthetically active photons (individual particles of light in the 400-700 nm range) that are delivered to a specific area (1m2) over a 24-hour period
Ok so I use this to help guide me with light recommendations Photone app have iPhone it has decent reviews, all u need is a piece of paper,and follow instructions set the light to full sunlight the free version, it’s has a ppfd and DLI setting
Also look at ppfd chart that came with light or reviews of ur light. take the average for ppfd for the distance enter to this website and it calculates for u grow light meter dot com
Use as a guide is my advice, also I new so at your own risk lol


What medium and how long have the plants been in that? Seedling and early veg no run off, risk of root dampening leading to rot. Particularly in soil, coco is a much better medium in my opinion, it’s lights and airy allowing drainage. I feed/water daily in coco. I start watering to 10-15% run off about the 5-6 week in veg. Not counting the germ period. DLI is daily light integral. Basically how many light particles are hitting a plant in a 24 hour span. PPFD is the amount of intensity and both are critical during different growth phases. You can download Photon app for an iPhone that works pretty good. Shout out if you need the charts :love_you_gesture:

Good one, we must have been answering at the same time :love_you_gesture:

@OGIncognito @Kingkupa

Thank you for the info. Maybe I’ll be able to give advice one day instead of just taking it.

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I’m still a rookie indoor dude, 2nd year in a garage closet. Great place your at, plenty of great help from some awesome cannabis kings and queens willing to help :love_you_gesture:

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Wow I’m glad I could help. That’s just how great this forum is, all the info I passed to you I had given to me my someone else. Pay it forward and totally newbie tho, just having fun with first grow, and what I get, I get but will learn a bunch and be ready for round 2 hopefully lol


Very nice for a first grow. Plants look good. I’m only on my 3rd, but have years of farming.

I add molasses via a stump tea. Check that out via Youtube.

I just started a grow journal here.

Keep up the good work.

Ok everyone update, 7 weeks old yesterday sorry got busy, life right. Fed re-charge today and Saturday, bunch of pic coming, also fed some BAD NUTES 8-16-8 from my garden long story so maybe lil burn on few leaves. Maybe cal-mag idk please look