Growing Groots 2021 - Two Outdoor Patches In MA 🍀

“Plant your peas by St. Pat’s” goes the old saying…
Around now is when I usually start my seeds germinating for the outdoor season in Massachusetts. I’m trying out keeping a journal thread on it this year; come along for the ride with me if you’d like, questions & advice welcome!

Strains - trying a few I’ve not grown before:
• Gorilla Glue
• Sour Diesel
• Grandaddy Purp
• California Dream [new]
• Purple Kush [new]
• Candy Kush [new]
• Black Widow

I’ll be swapping some seedlings & cuttings (clones) with friends as planting time draws near so this likely won’t be my final list. Seeds are now soaking in water w/hydrogen peroxide on a heat mat. Photos once things get going…


Be cautious about pests when doing so. It’s how I got thrips. I don’t take any clones now.


Oh definitely; that’s always a good reminder. I have to help a friend de-con her entire garden shed thanks to a whitefly-infested plant someone else brought in (they “didn’t think it was a big deal”… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)

I quarantine & check any new plant with a loupe - that goes for my veggie garden as well as the Groot Patches. Russet mites are also a concern of mine that I don’t want to have to deal with. Since I strictly use organic pest control, the less I have to do the better.


I hate where I live but some times it has it’s benefits.
The only pests I have around here are heroin junkies and crackheads.
With a hearty and smug chuckle I laugh and say “what’s a thrip”?


Several have already popped in less than 12 hours. Whoop!

Embryonic promise!
(Taken a few days ago)

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Welp. Had some unexpected hell with damping-off despite peroxide-in-water and lost some seedlings before they even got started. Soaked my growing trays in bleach AGAIN and started some more. What the heck??