Growing GDP photo

Hey everyone I am growing GDP photo from ILGM top feed recirculating coco and perlite using modified Lucas formula… My question is for anyone who has grown the strain how tall should I grow them until I flower them and what is the stretch on those I am in a 4 x 4 under a spider farmer SF 4000 any other tips would be appreciated for the strain it seems to be a slow vegging Indica
Thank you all in advance :seedling::green_heart:
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all

I grew one in my last harvest I had to bend the main cola over due growing to tall. I flipped mine at 5 weeks. If you can LST them I’m growing 3 right now in a 3x3x6 tent. Let me find some pic’s of my first one.

Here is a pic of my first one I fimmed it but it did’t take.

and here is a pic of the ones I’m growing right now. These I fimmed one, topped one and left one alone.
and LST all 3.

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Excellent about how many inches would you say they were when you flipped

I believe they where 12 inches