Growing from seeds

I am growing from seeds and not sure how different it is than growing from a clone
How do you know if youve got plants ?
How do you tell if they’re male or female
Theyve been growing for 8 wks now an no buds ?
Should i pull them up
Please help
What should i do

Do you have pics?

What is your lighting schedule?

You can tell the sex of plants in pre-flower. With clones you don’t have to worry because they are copies of the original female plant.

I attached a pic below of a hermaphrodite branch i removed recently with each sexes parts labeled… White hairs female… Balls/sacks are male flowers before opening up.


This sounds really vague? You need to provide some photos and more info on the seed you are using and the method you are using to grow your marijuana.

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Thanks for your reply
I have under a light 12/12
Sorry din t have any pics as I’m out at the moment but from your pics they do look like females
They have just started getting furry tips

What type and wattage of lights?
How long have they been at 12/12?

Bag seeds? Do you know strain?

I have them under 600w They’ve been on 12/12 for about 4 wks
I dont know what strain they are as seeds were given to me by soneone
I’ve just taken photos but dont know how to put them on here Lol
Obvisously seeds take longer to head than clones
Should I start giving them bud enhancer now

600watt…what type & Brand? LED, mh, hps???

Attached pic shows how to add pics to your post:

I’m not sure what brand
The light has E39/E40 600V 1500W 4KV written on it

It’s approximately 8-9 weeks from 12/12 light change to harvest.
What nutrients are you using?
What type of soil?
How far above plant tops is the light?
Do you pH the water/nutrients after mixing?